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Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own

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Whether you’re getting ready for a big company meeting or a night out at the neighborhood bar, your pile of custom t shirts has got your back! Many often doubt the capacity of a well-fitted shirt, which is fundamental in any wardrobe. Different events and situations necessitate different styles of shirts and trust us when we say that once you master this style code, your style game will soar to greater levels.

Snapdeal is the place to go if you’re searching for a shirt for boy or other men’s apparel. They also carry a large selection of shirt for women. These are some basic varieties of shirts for men that you would want on hand, ranging from the basic button-up shirt to the regular weekend shirt. 

Flannel Shirts 

Flannel shirts speak laid-back, and they will not go out of fashion. The flannel shirt may be your go-to item whether you’re out on a short vacation or drinking cocktails with your buddies at a pub. They look great with a simple tee and some excellent denim or tied well across the waistline for a retro vibe.

Denim Shirts 

Denim shirts, which are classified as daily wear, make you stand out in a crowd. Who says denim is only for the bottom half of the body? These shirts have a particular look. Denim is a long-lasting piece of clothing that can never go out of fashion.

For a traditional stylish style, mix and match your existing clothes with a good denim shirt. It can be worn alone, but it also fits well as an outer coating in the autumn and cold months.

Cuban Collar Shirts

These shirts, which include shorter sleeves and an open collar, are a must-have summer classic that will keep you looking and feeling cool. You may keep it informal or beachy sharp, depending on your attitude, with a variety of colors and designs to select from. 


The adaptability of the overshirt is what makes it so appealing. When the weather warms up, it makes for a nice down jacket. On cooler days, you can wear layers and even wear a jacket over the tops in the winter. The overshirt can be worn in different ways based on the occasion. Colored overshirts can be used officially or in more formal situations, whilst light-colored overshirts are often more informal.

Office Shirts

You can Roll up your sleeves and then get to business while maintaining a polished appearance. For individuals working at a desk, an office shirt is a great option; think business casual. Blacks and pale blues are excellent color choices for the place of work. Choose textured shoes like oxfords instead of a tie for a more relaxed look.

Snapdeal has a fantastic selection of business shirts. Aside from that, they have a wide range of shirt for boy and shirt for women. Check them out at least once.

Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a flexible and fashionable article of apparel that is best worn on casual occasions. It is constructed of plain weave and has a peaked collar and a few hooks at the neck but unlike T-shirt. You can also opt for custom t-shirt printing online with the print and colour of your choice.

Henley Shirt

Need a last-minute outfit? Is it finally time for a road trip with friends? Whatever the situation, Henley shirt is the perfect solution.

Henley shirts are also perfect for layering underneath sweaters and coats for added warmth. You can choose between a large range of Henley shirts to add color, style, and diversity to your wardrobe!

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