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PDF Form Creation: Tips and Techniques

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PDF Form Creation


Free PDF templates are all over the Internet and they are useful in so many ways as they can be transformed to suit your needs. PDFs are used for so many different reasons from sending out invitations, diplomas, or restaurant menus to legal contracts, government forms, and business proposals. The freedom that PDF forms offer is another bonus, as users can change any aspect of a particular form, including the ability to make it into a fillable form to avoid having to print or scan any documents.

What Is a Fillable PDF Form?

A fillable PDF form is a digital document that you can fill in with a PDF reader, save and then submit as official documentation to any relevant party. It works on the same principle as any paper form that you fill out, but a PDF form is more streamlined and easier to process. PDF fillable forms are free of spelling and grammatical errors, and illegible handwriting and can be rewritten if necessary.

What’s the Difference Between a PDF Form and a Web Form?

A webform is another common way to gather information and is found everywhere on the web. The difference between web forms and a fillable PDF form is that web forms are completed online through the specific web browser you are using. The information submitted via a webform is also not saved and cannot be referenced later like with a fillable PDF.

A fillable PDF form can also be filled out online but it is saved and can be referenced later on. You can also make changes to a fillable PDF form later on, whereas an online web form is used only once, even though some information (like name, phone number, email address) can be saved on your browser’s auto-fill feature.

When Should I Use Fillable PDF Forms?

There are many different instances where using a fillable PDF form is useful. Government forms are often the most frequent instance when using a fillable form is recommended. When using fillable forms to submit information or request a service from a government body, all your information will remain secured and your information can be processed faster than with a paper form.

But a fillable form can also be handy for more unofficial purposes like creating questionnaires or surveys for a close group of friends or associates. A program like PDF editor can help anyone create a form by letting you choose from a database of pre-made PDF templates that can then be changed or edited to suit your particular needs.

How To Create a PDF Form

There are many ways to create a fillable PDF form and many programs give users this particular tool. Depending on the type of program being used (Adobe Acrobat, Sejda, SmallPDF, or Lumin) users can choose from a premade template or create a new PDF form using the Create Form option in the program’s browser.

Some programs also allow you to import a PDF into the browser and make changes like adding more fillable text fields, customizing them to include drop-down menus with several possible answers, or completely whiting-out unnecessary text. After customizing your fillable PDF form you can save those changes and send it or share it with anyone.

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