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My Top Summer Anime Series

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Anime Series

1. Delamin from heaven

This offer was really amazing. My brother knew nothing about her, so I just sat down and saw it. Ah, I’m glad I did it. At the moment, there is only one episode left in the season and we look forward to it coming out. The storyline may seem a bit slow, but don’t worry, every minute of it is great. The show has a lot of comedy, but the dark times are everywhere. Like a lamp switch, the show can go from making you laugh to tearing you down.

Anime Series

This volume mainly focuses on the two main characters in kimetsu no yaiba kickass, Ikta and Yatrishino. They are childhood friends. Iqta’s is a scholar’s apprentice, and Yatricino is a child of the Igsem family, known for his outstanding skills in swordsmanship. Iqta accompanies Yatori when she leaves to take the officer’s exam.

However, they are drowned in the princess of the kingdom with some others. Behind the enemy, the group finds a safe way to bring them back with the princess. After their return, their “reward” was the rank of officers, joining the army with forces that Iqta did not agree with. From there, the adventure continues to become more complex and darker. In the process, Ikta proved that his actions could be lazy, but he is the best commander the army has ever seen.


I work in this anime series, and this throws something a little supernatural into the mix. Like every slice of the anime series of life, the series itself lives and dies with the character. Orange does a great job connecting you with the characters, especially the three main characters, Kakeru, Suwa, and Naho. Their friends also add a lot to the storyline as supporting characters. At this show, you can experience the sensation of screaming on TV following a tour of happy moments. I personally shouted to Naho on TV to hold Kakeru’s hand several times.


Orange is an anime based on an alternative or parallel universe. A group of high school friends who are now adults are celebrating their 10th anniversary since the death of one of their friends. My friend Kakeru committed suicide. A friend says he regrets not being able to save Kakeru, and eventually decides that he was lucky to write to himself in the past.

They know it doesn’t affect the world they live in, but maybe there may be another world where they can save their dear friends. The story begins when a group of the same high school friends receive a mysterious message from themselves in the future.

3. Re: Life in a different world starting from zero

Technically, the show started in the spring, but it’s important because it just ended this summer! Boy, this was a roller coaster show. In each episode I’m at the edge of the seat and it’s easy to see why it spreads. The main character, Subaru, is exposed to as much hell as you can feel.

Sometimes he is happy and makes you happy, and sometimes he is completely desperate and makes you cry. The show begins as a comedy genre, and it’s before Subaru’s first death, and you find this show much deeper than most shows in the same genre. This show is beautifully animated, has deep and affectionate characters, and is a great anime series overall.

Subaru is an ordinary mill runner and is living his life. However, after leaving the convenience store, he is magically taken to another world. As he discovered, he can communicate with people in this world without any problems, but his clothes and items are mysterious to the people here. He met Emilia shortly after touring with the two thieves. He introduced himself as Satalia at the time.

Emilia is a half-elf who looks like an evil witch and scares people’s hearts. Subaru, who later reached a sudden end, realizes that this world has a mysterious power. When he dies, he returns to some point in the past, where he can do everything again. How does he use this power? Can he keep his sanity after seeing his death and revive it over and over again?

Well, you are there. My 3 best anime series of the season! There are a lot of great anime shows this season and it’s sad to see them go. I can’t wait for the final episode of the Screw-Wound Spirit Squadron. I don’t really see anything that peaks in interest in the fall season, but you have to wait!For more information you can also read https://businesscutter.com/.

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