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Top reasons that why you should invest in IBM

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Graana.com has contributed to the transformation of Pakistan’s residential and commercial real estate sectors by introducing marvels of grandeur in the retail real estate investment sector by unveiling mega-projects such as Imarat Builders Mall, Amazon Outlet Mall, Florence Galleria, Golf Floras, and Mall of Arabia, all of which are projects of the Imarat Group of Companies, which are known for their high-quality standards and delivery excellence.

Graana.com provides you Imarat Builders Mall, a one-stop destination for all your building and construction needs, saving you time and making your experience more seamless.

The goal of Imarat Builders Mall – Pakistan’s Largest Builders Mall is to bring all construction and building products together under one roof.

It will provide a unique blend of elegance and comfort to meet all construction needs in one location. The one-of-a-kind mall has five levels, including two basements, one ground floor, and two more floors, and houses a diverse range of retail brands that offer a wide range of construction materials for all types of projects.

Imarat Builders Mall, Pakistan’s Largest Builders Mall, is a unique solution that provides best investment in Pakistan by bringing all building trust and providing all facilities under one roof.

The offered retail amenities include:

  • Fixtures and Lighting

The Imarat Builders Mall will feature a wide range of high-quality lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, wall lights, wall sconces, foyer lights, and more, all at reasonable prices.

  • Sanitary fittings

With a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories and sanitary equipment to suit all types of housing and construction requirements. High-quality products will offer various solutions to suit any budget, design, or project.

  • Custom and Contemporary Range Furniture

Modern furniture options will be available in the fastest-selling project, ranging from custom-made to contemporary styles. Pieces are available for both indoor and outdoor use, and in a variety of pricing ranges.

  • Kitchen Accessories

Imarat Builders Mall will cater to all of your needs and goals, from kitchen remodeling to storage solutions, flexible shelving options, and all types of tiles, taps, and intelligent appliances.

  • Flooring Alternatives

Imarat Builders Mall will provide a wide range of flooring alternatives at shockingly low prices, including hardwood, carpets, luxury vinyl, tile lamination, and many more high-quality options.

The mall is a multifaceted concept that allows customers to shop for their preferences in one location and provides a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. It also provides apartments for sale in Islamabad.

  • Location

It is located near DHA II in Islamabad, on the main Grand Trunk Road. Imarat Builders Mall is located at T Chowk and is close to some of the city’s most important commercial hubs, including Amazon Mall, Florence Galleria, and Giga Mall. Imarat Builder Mall is a very commercially feasible investment opportunity because it is located in the center of a bustling retail office. As the neighborhood develops as a commercial and residential location, its market value rises daily, providing a lucrative investment opportunity.

Pakistan’s Builders Mall is a financially attractive real estate investment in Pakistan because of its location in the developing retail market.

  • Investment

The Twin Cities’ fastest-selling project also provides a 1-year simple payments plan and a 25% down payment with investments starting at Rs17 Lac.


  • A hassle-free buyback policy
  • Investing that is safe and secure

Real estate investment is always a risky proposition. Investing in Imarat Builders Mall, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that ensures a secure present as well as a bright future for your family.

  • Facilities

It is a high-end shopping Centre. It also provides commercial and best apartments in Islamabad.  All of the top amenities to assist guests are available here. The following are the key features:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Customer Help Room
  • Appealing Atrium
  • There is central air conditioning.
  • A parking spot
  • Retail store

Imarat Builders Mall is the ideal alternative for helping you forge the correct future if you work in the construction industry and are looking for the right opportunity to grow your income. Own your shop outlet with Imarat Builders Mall.

This opportunity allows you to open a business within Pakistan’s largest builder’s mall, which is poised to become the Centre for all building materials.


The Imarat Builder mall is a one-stop-shop for all your building requirements. It has a strong portfolio of top domestic and international suppliers for various construction materials. It is a platform that not only caters to a wide range of audiences, including construction companies, project developers, interior designers, and the general public but also takes pleasure in providing high-quality services that meet residents’ basic needs.

Imarat Builders Mall (IBM) is the largest builder’s mall in Pakistan. The mall promises to bring together all the building necessities under one roof. The project presents a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. IBM provides a safe and transparent investment with a positive return on investment, making it one of the most profitable ventures in the Twin Cities.

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