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Top Product-Experience Platforms For Companies

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User Experience takes into consideration the user’s interaction and experiences with a product or service. This includes the efficiency, utility and ease with which the user is able to make the best use of the products or services being offered. Product Experience is a part or subset of User Experience. It refers to part of the journey of the customer taking place within the product itself. 

Users will abandon a product if they have a bad experience with it, or they dislike having to use it to complete their tasks. On the other hand, positive product experiences encourage customers to be more effective, increase brand loyalty as well as net promoter scores. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the top Product-Experience Platforms for companies-


Pendo assists businesses in determining whether or not the products and features they are developing are being used and if being used, by whom. It reveals how product adoption differs depending on account, user role, or user sentiment. Pendo’s product analytics tools make it simple to determine which features people prefer and disregard, as well as how they explore between the product portfolios. 

Some of the important features of  Pendo includes- 

  • It helps organisations/businesses gain insight about user’s interaction with the products depending on how they browse through the web-based applications.
  • Pendo offers the facility of in-app surveys to be aware of how users feel about the product experiences.
  • Product teams can highlight new features, stimulate desired behaviour, and provide in-context assistance using targeted messages, and in-app Guides or Walkthroughs, which as a result, improves the overall effectiveness of a product experience.
  • Pendo Feedback is a feature that allows us to collect client requests directly in the app without interrupting the user experience.

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Whatfix, a SaaS-based platform offers web applications and software products in-app guidance and performance support. Whatfix assists businesses in gaining user analytics and insights, providing in-app surveys and in creating interactive walkthroughs for internet applications. 

Some of the important features of Whatfix includes- 

  • Whatfix provides Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and The Experience API (xAPI)-compliant packages for learning management system integration.  It  can be used to design and start interactive courses, as well as import existing walkthroughs into the Learning Management System.
  • Whatfix provides enterprise platform integration, which is a framework made up of a set of technologies and services that work together to provide a middleware framework  for integrating systems and applications across the enterprise taking into consideration both the customer-facing and employee-facing aspects.
  • Whatfix has a feature called Multiple Formatting that allows you to present the same information in different formats. This could be in the form of a text document, an audio format, or a video format. This assists with the automatic generation and editing of content in a variety of formats.
  • Whatfix’s in-app self-help menu displays the most appropriate resources for users based on their role and position within the app. The content aggregation features assist in the structuring of current content and making it accessible through the self-help menu, as well as content developed after integrating Whatfix.
  • Both cloud-based and self-hosted models are offered by Whatfix to suit the user’s security needs.


WalkMe is an Enterprise Guidance and Engagement Platform that stimulates users to take action when using software or websites in order to maximise sales and conversion rates, improve User Experience (UX), enhance employee productivity, and minimize the support costs.

Some of the important features of WalkMe includes- 

  • Configures and correctly measures a suitable engagement metric, such as average length of session
  • Determines where users close the app during their sessions with accuracy.
  • Measures retention.
  • User return rate is also tracked.
  • Offers a considerable number of options for training and guidance.
  • Optimizes the customer self-service experience on mobile devices by providing targeted, customised results depending on the user’s activities or preferences.
  • Allows for easy interaction with apps including messenger apps, APIs, and customer service tools.


The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) from Userlane lets users digitise business processes and manage change. It allows users to onboard, and train their staff and clients with ease.

Some of the important features of Userlane includes-   

  • Provides interactive step by step guides
  • Automatically records click paths, includes a variety of elements (hover, click, autofill, and more), and allows for the integration of other resources like images, GIFs, and hyperlinks.
  • Userlane provides easy accessibility through its unobtrusive virtual assistant, cross-organizational availability of guides, and the option to segment sites or audiences to give personalised experiences.
  • Userlane makes it simple to send messages to users in order to communicate essential information or boost engagement. They can use it to promote new apps, request feedback and provide support through interactive guides.


Apty is a Digital Adoption Platform that assists businesses in streamlining their operations. People are guided through new important software programmes, and proactively pushed to complete new processes for successful digital adoption.

Some of the important features of Apty includes-   

  • Contains a database of information that can be accessed by those seeking assistance.
  • Apty makes designing and publishing onboarding flows, feature walkthroughs, and product tours code-free.
  • Community forums enable users to engage with other users to solve common issues.
  • Audience Segmentation feature is available
  • Apty is designed specifically for the growth of SaaS products. It has content creation and management tools for SaaS businesses which are needed to create user onboarding procedures and in-app guidance.


Appcues is a user engagement platform for non-technical users. It enables them to design customised modals, guided tours, and other forms of user experiences without having to worry about the implementation to engineering.

Some of the important features of Appcues includes-

  • Guide and assist new users, increase the activation and conversion and reduce time to value.
  • There is no need for a developer as the in-app announcements and instructions provided by Appcues allow the user to meet clients where they are, resulting in increased engagement and adoption. 
  • It measures adoption, tracks results and identifies the opportunities.
  • Improves Net Promoter Score and increases feedback.


Users are recorded by Smartlook on websites and in mobile apps. It allows users to quickly find    relevant information in thousands of recordings.

Some of the important features of Smartlook includes-   

  • Rage clicks can help see the user’s frustration.’
  • Smartlook automatically records errors, which can be found by selecting “Devtools” from the player menu.  
  • Retention tables can be used to detect patterns in user behaviour and to determine when users are having trouble learning new capabilities. Retention tables are the most effective strategy to reduce churn and focus on the user base.    
  • Funnel statistics can be seen right after setting it up and recordings are also available right away.      

Focusing on the product experience aligns with customer-centric approaches to product development, and takes into consideration the application of design thinking.


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