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TOP menu from Israeli businessman David Kaplan for only $25

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Many people are interested in food. With the development of the restaurant business, a vast range of diverse products, excellent opportunities for overseas travel, the desire to consume quality and healthy products, there is an increasing interest in food bloggers, culinary TV shows, and print publications publishing gourmet or straightforward recipes. In addition to taste, simplicity, cooking time, availability, and cost of ingredients are valued.

Israeli businessman David Kaplan has proven himself to be an photographer, known for his photographs taken while traveling or on construction sites that he supervises. He travels a lot and can tell about a particular country, its traditions, the best time to visit it, no worse than any browser or guide. Moreover, he knows each country’s cuisine and has already become a natural gourmet: he willingly recommends different dishes and restaurants make ratings.

Kaplan recently launched a pilot version of the author’s project FUBER in test mode – a gastronomic service for everyone who loves to cook wants to diversify their diet and save the family budget. This is a kind of food aggregator that helps save time spent in stores and at the stove, allowing you to diversify your daily menu.

FUBER includes recipes with photos and video tutorials, online orders, and prompt delivery of products used in cooking and producing a shopping list. The most important thing is the relatively low cost of the resulting dishes.

From the variety of recipes presented, you can make any set of dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

David Kaplan prefers light, but at the same time, healthy and nutritious dishes for dinner. He made the top 10 dinner sets that every hostess can note.

Dinner 1: Chicken steak with peppers and olives ($1.66) + toast with bacon and mushrooms ($1.85).

Tender, juicy chicken pieces fried in olive oil with sweet bell pepper acquire an incredible taste and aroma. And the olives added at the end of cooking make the dish more refined. Bacon and mushrooms pair perfectly with chicken. Therefore, a toast with the indicated ingredients will be an excellent addition to the main course.

Dinner 1

Dinner 2: Egyptian rice with vermicelli ($0.69) + bruschetta with mackerel and cucumbers ($0.65).

 It would seem, at first glance, a strange combination of rice and vermicelli. Nevertheless, the dish turns out to be very tasty and exciting in appearance. Boiled and mixed side dishes are seasoned with olive oil (necessarily simple, fragrant) and served with green peas, for example. Looks fresh and delicious. David Kaplan recommends adding a toasted slice of bread stuffed with mackerel, fresh cucumber, and lettuce to make dinner more nutritious. Cream cheese sauce with mustard on toast will highlight the taste of the fish and will go great with the main course.

Dinner 3: Steamed cauliflower ($0.93) + avocado toast ($0.61). 

Seasoned with salt and pepper, steamed cauliflower will be tasty, and most importantly, a healthy dish for your dinner. Adding to it is an avocado toast drizzled with lemon juice; the feed is saturated with nutrients. Positive emotions and good sleep are guaranteed.

Dinner 4: Chicken burger ($1.58) + French banana rolls ($0.67)

Who said you couldn’t eat burgers and sandwiches for dinner? If you limit yourself to one and add healthy and low-calorie dishes to it, then dinner will turn out fantastic and not harmful. A home-cooked burger with chicken fillet, cheese, and salad on a fresh bun will bring joy not only to a child but also to an adult. You can add tomatoes and spicy sauce, and taste buds will thank you. And for dessert, make banana rolls with milk, cream cheese, and cinnamon – simple, easy, and a great addition to a burger.

Dinner 5: moussaka ($2.96) + oatmeal pancakes ($0.67).

Moussaka, or vegetable casserole made from potatoes, eggplant or zucchini, and tomato sauce, will become a piece of summer on cold autumn-winter weekdays. Potatoes give us a feeling of fullness, and tomatoes with eggplant refresh the dish and set the accents. Made only from oatmeal with the addition of eggs, honey, and cinnamon, pancakes will be an excellent sweet end to an evening meal.

Dinner 6: Tomato scrambled eggs ($0.60) + F4 Zippy tuna ($0.56). 

Eggs are not just for breakfast. With a competent addition, it is ideally used as a dinner. Eggs fried with tomato sauce and curd cheese are perfect for the main course. And they will be complemented by bruschetta with spicy tuna. I must say that spicy seasoning and mustard with horseradish, garlic, mayonnaise, and lemon juice are excellent sauces for tuna.

Dinner 7: Yorkshire pudding ($0.50) + Jack cheese tomato toast ($0.76).

The classic English pudding is very similar to our omelet. But baked in the oven, and if also in a beautiful mold, served with fresh vegetables and herbs, it becomes a gourmet dish for dinner. Fry the bread on both sides, spread it with curd cheese, and put a couple of slices of tomatoes (can be dried). It goes excellent with pudding. 

Dinner 8: Scrambled eggs in a bowl of salami ($0.84) + tofu in teriyaki sauce ($2.06).

If you take a cocotte maker, “cover” its bottom and edges with salami slices, then when baking, you will get an excellent cup shape for scrambled eggs. Eggs are added immediately and baked together with sausage. It turns out very beautiful. Teriyaki tofu is a great appetizer. Helpful, but not having its taste, the bean product will acquire spicy sauce notes and added garlic and ginger and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dinner 9: Cast-Iron Skillet steak ($0.98) + turmeric cauliflower steaks ($0.48).

There is nothing better than a piece of selected beef, fried on both sides in a cast-iron pan. Can adjust the degree of roasting according to your taste preferences. And if you put a thin slice of mozzarella on a still-hot steak, the dish will turn out amazing. For a side dish, baked cauliflower seasoned with turmeric is recommended. 

Dinner 10: Penne pasta with chicken and olives ($1.28) + Grilled eggplant ($1.03).

This dinner option was especially evident in David Kaplan’s love for Italian cuisine. Penne with juicy chicken and olives sprinkled with hard cheese (ideally Parmesan) will be a great end to the day. Grilled eggplants will add flavor accents and be an excellent addition to pasta.

Can combine all the dishes listed in the sets and add something of your own by your wishes and preferences.

The best part is that the cost of one serving does not exceed $3. A whole dinner for a family will cost no more than $25-30. This is a great family budget saver. Considering that you can cook restaurant-level dishes for such a small amount of money, then feel free to take on board all the dinners from David Kaplan.

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