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Top American Dishes You Should Try!   

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Food is essential for humans and culture to survive. Cuisines of culture reflect the true nature of it. The tradition of culinary is passed from generation to generation. These dishes act as a cultural reflection and passed by immigrants to other cultures. Whenever immigrants go to another society, they bring the culinary techniques and their traditional dishes with them. This merging process is considered an important stage for the fusion of foods from different cultures. This also results initial stage of globalization of food. The merging of Chinese cuisine in American mainstream culture is a good example of it.

American food is unique as it is the merging of many traditions to form one culture. The United States is like a cultural hub due to the diversity of traditions that merged to form the culture which is now imperializing the whole world. From the first settlers on the states to the Afro American, the region is full of culinary style from all parts of the world. The food in States is like a cocktail of cultures. Africans, Asian, Pacific islanders, South Americans, and Europeans all contributed to this unique culture. Fast food is also a product of American food culture and eating habits. Many food chains are currently functioning there due to rising demand of consumers. From dining in to eating from drive-thru, food chains have to contact with Custom Food Boxes Wholesale suppliers to meet the demand for packaging used in take-away.

Apple pie

The saying of ‘’American as apple pie’’ is not without any reason, this sweet dish is like a national institution now. Americans love apple pie as it is now like a part of their culture. From special occasions to consuming apple pie in breakfast, they love it. Apple is not native to the United States nor the Apple pie. Settlers from Europe brought Apple Pie with them and at that time, these settlers were in majority which became the reason for the Apple pie to be famous. From that time to current generation, they love the pie and this food is like staple of American tradition.


American consumes a lot of meat and this blend of five types of meat in a burger bun is not an exception. Every American has a different view about where to find the best hamburger in the town as this snack has the demand which can’t be fulfilled easily. First made by Louis Lassen in his restaurant Louis ‘Lunch in the year 1900 to now, a hamburger can be found in every part of the country on every corner. From a Fine dining restaurant serving it in a plate with loads of fries to the street vendor serving them in Food Boxes, people in the States love to eat this burger.


Bagels from New York City are famous worldwide, from eating them plain to cutting and putting smoked salmon and cream cheese in these baked bread, no other bagel from the world can beat them. Scientific researches have been conducted to find the reason for this bagel’s superiority over others, but legends have it, they attribute the water there to be the reason behind success of this lox.

It is believed that these bagels were brought to the United States in the 1800s by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, they set international Bagel Bakery on the east side of the city and from there this lox are famous till date. Many New Yorkers start their day with this bread. Bagel and coffee is the breakfast choice for them, served in Custom Food Boxes with smoked Salmon and load of cream cheese in it, they are good to go.

Deep dish pizza

Deep dish pizza is also sometimes referred to as the pie of pizza world. As the names suggest, the crust is raised like a pie and an intense amount of tomato sauce and cheese filling inside. This pizza is staple dish of Chicago and people there are proud of their American Italian merge. This dish is known to be invented in 1943 by an Italian American hybrid. These pizza pies are served in Custom Food Boxes USA designed to hold on the massive load of cheese and sauce and protect it from unnecessary spillage.

Texas barbeque

Australian may be famous for their barbeques but when it comes to Texas, it will not be wrong to say that doing it is in their bloodstream. It is too common to find barbeque wherever you go, from vendors selling it in parking lots while a football game to standing on corners of the street, this smoky treat waits for you. This is available in many forms, briskets, pastrami, pork lines, pulled pork, beef ribs, basically, everything is available.


Tacos are basically a staple of Mexican cuisine, it is hard to know that from where they were originated but according to some historians, the history of tacos is not long. These were originated in 1900s in the Mexican mining town. These were associated with poverty at first but for poor miners these were their primary diet. The children of these miners when came to the United States brought the recipe with them. The wave of Mexicans in America made these tacos to be loved by everyone. With the merging of Mexican American culture, these Mexican snacks became famous in the States. You can find these tacos everywhere in the United States now. These snacks are sold in Custom Printed Food Boxes with Mexican styled printing on them to create an authentic look.

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