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TOP 6 NOT TO DO Thing When Renting a Car

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Are you going to travel somewhere? Traveling has become a popular activity nowadays. You can travel with your family, friends, arrange a jeep excursion for your partners or colleagues. Whatever the reason may be, you have to work on finding a credible car rental company for future cooperation. You know what? People often have doubts about how to rent a car without a failure. Their heads are full of questions about the insurance, refueling, young driver’s fee, the best Jeep rental near me, etc. These questions will always appear when you are going to hit the road. 

Just relax. First of all, it is important to find the most attractive price for your car. Problems happen but this cannot stop you from a trip. Of course, there are things you should avoid when you are on the go.

NOT TO DO when renting a vehicle

  • NOT to prepay for fuel

Prepaying for fuel can be an attractive option. It means you’re paying for a full tank of gas beforehand and don’t care where to refuel your car on your way to drop-off point. It can be very useful when you feel like you are late for the flight and have no time to waste refueling. There is one thing, if you are using your rental car for a few hours or days, you’ll have much fuel left in the tank. This means you’re paying for more gas than you really need.


  • NOT to forget to find a fuel station at the airport

If you pick up your vehicle with a full tank, you should give it back full. So, check if there is a good gas station in the airport territory. Just take note of this and mark this place or places on your GPS map. Why? This is how you can fuel your car in the fastest and cheapest way. It always happens that you know nothing about the airport territory and can waste much time driving around and looking for a good place to fill your vehicle.

  • NOT to upgrade your rental car if possible

Many people work with reliable rental companies and this is how they can rent a car for the cheapest price. Have you ever asked about upgrades at the rental desk? No doubts, you are always interested in a larger car. Everything depends on pricing. So, renting a car in a hot tourist season, you can be asked about the upgrades at the rental counter. This works! But check the car rates first. Sometimes, rental agents may offer you a bigger and much better car at the same cost. Don’t miss your chance!

  • NOT to check the car before departure

You are responsible for your vehicle, for all the scratches and damages that can happen during your trip. It is important to check the vehicle inside and out for any damages. Forget that you are in a hurry to reserve a place in the best city restaurant, or check into a hotel. Inspect the car in search of scratches, broken mirrors, damaged doors, etc. Any detected problem, big or small is important. As a rule, a quick walk around the car is not enough. Remember, if you had not noticed a problem, you’ll have to pay for car damage.

  • NOT to check the car on returning

The drop-off procedure or returning your car to the rental agency can be surprisingly fast. What do you usually do? You probably leave your key on the registration desk and leave. Nevertheless, the car return procedure should be more detailed. Otherwise, you’ll receive a bill for the car damages when returning home. What is worse, you’ll hardly have an opportunity to protest it. So, it is important NOT TO leave the car without a detailed check-up to avoid false damage claims.

  • Not to cross international borders

Are you planning to go abroad? Of course, you can do that by rental car only if it is foreseen by the car rental contract. Otherwise, rental rules do not allow you to drive the vehicle out of the country territory. What is more, your local insurance can hardly cover the international car rental so that you have to buy special international insurance at the counter. Also, going abroad, to see the most interesting US attractions, you should check your credit card insurance as it is often available for many international destinations.

As you can see, there are special things to consider when taking a car for rent. Follow these steps and you’ll never have big problems with car rental. It doesn’t take much time to check the car before rental or remember a good fuel station for future. By doing this, you try to make your car trip safe and smooth. Also, for more information, contact your car rental company.

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