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Top 5 Medical Billing Trends to Look Out for

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Medical Billing Trends

Outsourced medical billing has supported the medical sector for a long time. However, the current medical billing has additionally advanced its capacities due to modernization. Anyone can see that technology impacted the workflow and the management of the billing teams in the industry.

Thanks to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, healthcare has improved considerably. The pandemic is one of the main reasons why the industry had to find new means to connect the experts with the customers efficiently by adapting to recent trends.

From healthcare experts to leaders in the administration, everyone is taking part in this change. More advanced trends in the medical billing industry are expected to come in 2022. Outsourced medical billing companies will be great enablers to the overall changing system.

We have listed the top five medical billing trends that we think will change the healthcare industry in 2022.

Why is Medical Billing Service Important?

Medical billing and coding are viewed as the foundation of the healthcare revenue cycle that guarantees that the healthcare services provided to the patients are compensated. On the other hand, medical codes help in accurate and proficient billing.

Medical billing services play a significant role in the healthcare system. It helps three parties – the patient, the healthcare provider, and the insurance company – streamline the payments process and the money flow. Medical billing is the backbone of efficient financial operations for service providers.

Medical billing is used to denote the interaction in which the healthcare provider, for example, the doctors or nurses, fill out forms as per medical services delivered to the patients to submit cases to the insurance agency, through which installments can be processed.

Top 5 Medical billing Trends in 2022

Here are the top five medical billing trends that can introduce rapid changes to the healthcare sector in the upcoming years.

  • Virtual visits, documentation, and billing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector shifted from visits to a clinic to virtual appointments. Rules for virtual consultations are constantly changing because of COVID-19, and businesses have specific conditions and requirements regarding payments for virtual consultations.

Medical billing staff needed to figure out how to archive and bill for the services provided while managing successive approaches and guideline changes. Notwithstanding the factors due to the pandemic, Different things will promote telemedicine adoption in upcoming years, including the rising frequency of patients with chronic diseases and the lack of doctors.

  • Implementation of AI and Blockchain

Blockchain helps with minimizing billing mistakes, duplication, and inaccurate filings. It fills in as a disseminated record that shows legitimate proof of payments. Blockchain guarantees data security and safeguards all confidential information. Besides, all financial transactions are protected with blockchain and AI.

This helps in securing electronic health records from hackers and breaches. Thus, all the information connected with coding and billing stays protected in a proper data set. On the other hand, AI programming handles and deals with the settlement, protection, and claim submission of medical billing.

  • Medical billing outsourcing

As a medical billing company in India, we know medical billing outsourcing can help healthcare service providers in revenue cycle management. It helps them save resources, money, time, and efforts. Furthermore, it gives better control over the other medical practices and business processes.

There is almost no chance of errors in the work process and patient follow-ups with medical billing outsourcing. Medical billing outsourcing can help guarantee appropriate submission and verification of medical bills and forms. Outsourcing is generally practiced by companies that offer medical coding services.

  • Fee schedule updates for physicians

The 2022 Physician Fee Schedule included significant changes for the first time in over ten years. These include changes for detailing E/M services, increased payments for some medical specialties, lesser payments for other medical workers, and extended the list of telehealth services.

All of these have significant implications for medical billing and coding services. The updated fee schedule has made it easier for the patients to book a clinic or virtual appointments with doctors as the availability of each medical expert has been specified in the updated schedule.

  • Protection against data breach

The breach of healthcare data information has been rising throughout the past few years because of the rising cyberattacks. Because of this reason, healthcare associations have additionally slowed down on their digitization techniques for their medical information transfers.

Healthcare frameworks and their Innovation Officers have been examining ongoing circumstances to moderate the forthcoming threats in data storage. Outsourced medical billing teams have set themselves up with the most recent HIPAA guidelines to safeguard their data sets against complex cyber-attacks.


As medical billing trends continually evolve, we see new changes each year. The leading medical billing companies are aware of the significance of continuous learning to stay updated with these trends in the healthcare industry. They likewise comply with the most suitable practices to guarantee timely and exact claim submissions to meet the payer’s requirements and let hospitals and doctors’ workplaces focus on the patients.

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