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top 5 linkedin scrapers in 2022

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top 5 linkedin scrapers in 2022

Are you looking for the best LinkedIn Scrapers on the market? The largest professional networking site on the internet is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile can help you find a job or internship, develop professional relationships, and acquire the skills you will need for success. There are so many profiles on LinkedIn with different professions, interests, and purposes.

Scraper tools are very important for sales professionals who utilise LinkedIn for prospecting and lead creation. Otherwise, discovering our preferred profiles would have become very challenging. More prominent tech websites, like LinkedIn, are getting harder to scrape. Probably as a result of the magnitude of the personal data at risk.

Because of this, there are many excellent LinkedIn scrapers available for obtaining information from the platform. There are no risks associated with scraping LinkedIn information since LinkedIn’s “computers” are publicly accessible.

 You will learn about the top five LinkedIn scrapers in 2022 in this article because it is not prohibited. The top LinkedIn scraping tools are listed below to assist you in automating your prospecting.

1.    Octoparse

Octoparse should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a web scraper for LinkedIn that has been built to last. When retrieving and extracting data, Octoparse imitates human behaviour. It gathers information from blogs, e-commerce sites, social networking platforms, and other online pages. The gathered information can aid product redesign, market research, and more accurate recruiting.

You can turn LinkedIn web pages into structured spreadsheets using Octoparse. With Octoparse, you will find most of the functions you need for a web scraper. A cloud-based platform and sophisticated web scraping capabilities like proxy rotation and scheduled scraping are a few of them.

Pricing – 14 days free trial; thereafter, the paid plans range from $75 to $249 per month.

2.    PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster is the go-to solution for scraping LinkedIn, automating B2B prospecting from the professional social network, and establishing processes. They are aware of the kinds of LinkedIn scraper tools you require to successfully get the necessary data while staying secure and private.

Just use the PhantomBuster browser plugin to connect to LinkedIn. Enter the URLs of the LinkedIn profiles whose data and emails you want to scrape. Add verified business email addresses to your leads.

Pricing – you will get 14 days of free trials with 2 hours of execution time, thereafter $59 per month.

3.    Helium scraper

You can scrape anything with Helium Scraper because of its simple UI. Data from user profiles, business profiles, and data pertaining to job postings may all be scraped as per the user’s choice. Point-and-click navigation makes the Helium Scraper simple to use.

The Helium Scraper offers a simple process, assures quick extraction while obtaining complicated data, and has the capacity to extract a sizable volume of data at once.

Pricing – 10 days of free trials and monthly start with $99 for a user license

4.    Proxycrawl Linkedin scraper

A LinkedIn scraper is one of the many scrapers that Proxycrawl has in its collection of scraping API utilities. You may get information from LinkedIn like a company’s description, personnel details, profile page details, and much more. It is made for programmers who don’t want to deal with proxy settings and captchas.

Nevertheless, in contrast to the other online scrapers listed above, it needs some coding knowledge. The cloud is one of the supported platforms, and it may be accessible via API.

Pricing – A monthly subscription for 50,000 credits costs $29 per month. There is no charge for the first 1000 requests.

5.    ScrapeStorm

ScrapeStorm is yet another innovative LinkedIn scraper application. With ScrapeStorm, you can automate enterprise-class scraping using a tool developed by a former Google crawler team. ScrapeStorm identifies and scrapes the relevant data using an automated data point detection method.

Data that is not recognised by the automated identification system can be entered using the point-and-click interface. An ex-Google crawler team created ScrapeStorm. It provides numerous data export methods and simplifies the scraping of LinkedIn. Make sure you set up ScrapeStorm correctly before using it. It is strong and capable of enterprise-level scraping.

Additionally, it facilitates LinkedIn scraping by supporting a number of data export protocols, such as Google Sheets, MySQL, Excel, CSV, TXT, JSON, and others.

Pricing – you can avail of it for free trials but with limitations. The monthly package starts at $49.99 per month.

Wrapping Up

An automated method for visiting, copying, and pasting all of the data on a LinkedIn profile is called “LinkedIn scraping”. This is done using the above software and many others to help businesses grow and find better profiles for marketing purposes. I hope the list above helped you get an idea of the top 5 LinkedIn Scrapers available on the market and choose the best software to suit the budget and structure of your business.

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