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Tips for choosing the right project management software

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Tips for choosing the right project management software

Project management software is a useful tool that helps streamline the process of a construction project. The software you select will manage your budget, timeline, staff allocation, materials, project progress and health and safety. There is a wide range of choices when selecting the right project management software, the most important thing is to make sure it aligns with your business. A project management software that works for larger construction companies may not necessarily work with the structure of a smaller business and vice versa. 

Firstly, Why Is Project Management Software Important? 

As mentioned above, project management software will help your construction project run smoothly throughout. There are many aspects to keep under control and construction sites are, more often than not, chaos. Although, the first tip we’d give when choosing one is to ensure it is a cloud-based construction project management software. This will guarantee that no information or documents get lost along the way as it will all be stored online. On top of this, you will be able to give the appropriate staff access to specific information without having to manually share it every time. Thus ensuring everyone is allowed to access the documents they need to complete their job efficiently. 

Project management software will also save you a significant amount of time that can be allotted to other more pressing tasks. It eliminates the need to manage timesheets and will lead to higher profit margins as more work can get done. However, possibly the most important benefit of project management software is that fewer mistakes will be made. Mistakes can be deadly on a construction site

and using the correct software allows health and safety protocols to be circulated sitewide. We understand it can be daunting to choose the right project management software, so we’ve collated some of our top tips to choosing the best one for you. 

  1. Identify your pain points

Your project management software should be solving the administration and operational issues within your business, but first you must identify what these downfalls actually are. Once pinpointed, you will be able to find a project management software that is suitable for these needs. This may involve you asking your employees what they think could be improved or what would make their lives easier. You could also ask for feedback from your clients, this will show you’re developing as a business and always improving. 

2. Research, Research, Research 

There is an abundance of project management software out there. The only way you’ll be able to narrow down your initial list is to research all the choices in depth. Take note of what features they offer, how much they are, integration options, storage and whether you require a cloud-based construction project management software (which we strongly recommend). You’ll also need to consider your demographic of clientele. You may find high-tech software that offers lots of specialised features, but if your clients are of a slightly older age with fewer technical skills, this may not be appropriate as they must also use it. 

3. Testing 

Once you’ve narrowed down a few choices, you should trial them to see which ones you find easier to use and which you prefer aesthetics-wise. Almost all project management software will offer free trials, or you can get in contact to arrange this. Whilst you’re testing the software, take notes so you can then compare them against each other.  

4. Get Feedback From Your Team 

Your staff will be using this software every day, so it’s imperative that they’re happy with your choice. They will act as a fresh pair of eyes and may see weak points of software that you missed. You can also ask them which software they think solves the pain points of the business that you previously defined. 

5. Select & Review 

Once you’ve decided on the project management software that you’ll be using, it’s important to schedule a review to make sure the software is doing its job. These reviews will need to include your employees so you can make sure that everyone is happy with the decision that was made. You can also ask clients to review the changes that have been made. 

Choosing project management software is an important decision to better your business and the services you offer. It can seem daunting as there are lots of different ones to choose from, but defining the challenges your business face will make it easier. Getting the rest of your team involved will also ensure you make the right decision and won’t have to change again!  

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