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Tips and Tricks for play PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile

Tips and tricks for Play PUBG Mobile: In one of the segments, Play PUBG Mobile’s executive producer, Chang Han Kim, talked about the most crucial things you need to know before playing the game. If you want to play the game well, keep these tips in mind, he told the audience. Almost all countries have their own gaming servers and Many pro players who can play PMCO every year. They represent his country all in the world. Do you know the top PUBG players in the world. Levinho, Sevou, Tacaz, Shroud, Are the best PUBG Players. Tips and Tricks for play PUBG Mobile.

 Weapon timings

If you’re still in the dark about the weapon timings, check out the video below. For starters, don’t try to get your hands on the most powerful weapon in the game. Players who do end up with these weapons have an advantage over everyone else.

 Adjusting your weapons

If you’re using a rifle, but feel like you aren’t getting the shots you wanted, then you can adjust your crosshairs and aim slightly downwards to make sure you’re taking up as much of the crosshair on the screen as possible, you can play the game this way. Some time you adjust the weapon but you got a lot of recoil. And you can’t control recoil. Do you know How to control recoil in PUBG Mobile?

 Exploding bullets

You might think that all bullets that kill enemies explode, but it isn’t the case. If you shoot one bullet, you won’t see the explosion. But, when the bullet hits an object, it will release the explosives that will kill enemies in that radius. If you are about to shoot a person, and you want to kill them, use this trick.Tips and Tricks for play PUBG Mobile

Planning your movement

You can’t have any sort of movement while you’re using the parachute, you’ll get your parachute as soon as you jump off the building and into the air. But you can still carry your backpack or weapon. In fact, you can get a crosshair from the back of your backpack.

So all you need to do is look through it, aim and kill enemies. Further many times you can move left and right to save yourself from enemy bullets. So you had faced a lag issue in PUBG Mobile. The lag problem in PUBG Mobile is the main problem of all problems. Do you want to know how to lag fix on PUBG Mobile? so clean up your space, Disabled background sync, uninstall unusual applications, use these methods to fix lag problem in PUBG Mobile.

 Avoid crouching

You will find that there are multiple ways to kill someone. The most popular way to do so is by standing up and shooting them. But if you crouch down and aim carefully, you will kill them much quicker. We’ve made a playlist of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks. The playlist can be accessed from the video below.

First Person View (FPV)

The team at PUBG Corp took some time to explain the tricks you can use when using the first-person view (FPV) while playing the game. Some of these tricks are probably only possible with the help of the latest patch that was rolled out.Tips and Tricks for play PUBG Mobile

 HUD option

If you’re using the HUD in-game, then you can choose whether the game shows the map or the hit markers. The map shows you the areas where the games have been played. The hit markers show you where the weapons or vehicles of your team are.

Shooting crouch

The shooting crouch allows you to take out enemies without taking cover. It will allow you to shoot from a prone position while staying still and keeping your gun pointed straight forward, the video shows how to shoot with the shooting crouch. If you want to find out more PUBG Mobile tips, then you can watch the video below.


 Killing the hosts

Some of the attackers in the game use the host system to survive. If you spot these host characters, you can kill them to reduce your chances of dying. The post 30 Biggest PUBG Mobile Tips of All Time appeared first on today’s Person. Do you have something awesome to share with the world? Click here to share you ever have any questions about anything you wish to ask and get an answer come to the Comment Box.For more information you can also read https://businesscutter.com/

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