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TikTok Introduces Eight New Livestreaming Features

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There’s something special about seeing a live performance by a musician, hearing a Q&A with a new author, or meeting an actor at the stage door after a performance. Prism Social Media Company learned that TikTok wants to provide people the means to deliver the same degree of connection to a global audience with TikTok LIVE. 

TikTok LIVE gathered together a global community to enjoy an innovative concert experience with The Weeknd, as well as an around-the-world museum trip to learn about art and culture. They’re also arming creators with one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge tools that encourage content production, audience engagement, and exploration.

The number of people going LIVE and watching LIVE has doubled in the last year, indicating that live streaming has become an important means for creators and viewers to engage honestly. TikTok continues to invest in innovative tools to aid in the safe discovery, creation, and consumption of LIVE videos due to the excitement and involvement of the TikTok community.


LIVE Events is a new technology that allows creators to schedule, organize, and promote LIVE videos. It was recently launched in a few markets. While viewers can quickly find, register, receive notifications and receive a reminder when the LIVE is about to begin, creators and fans may effortlessly connect ahead of an impending LIVE stream via LIVE Events.


You won’t want to miss any of the action from a real-time LIVE stream, but what if you’re watching a Q&A or performance when the group chat starts to swell? Prism, a TikTok advertising agency in Dubai, discovered that TikTok viewers can easily continue watching LIVE videos across their device with Picture-in-Picture on iOS and Android, so they don’t miss a second of the stream.

Go LIVE Together

Charli and Dixie, Gayle and Oprah, Beyonce and Jay Z — the list go on – and your next favorite combo might come from a LIVE video. Go LIVE Together allows users to go LIVE together simply and easily. This means there will be twice as many opportunities for LOL-inducing exchanges, twice as many behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more opportunities to connect with top producers.


LIVE Q&A allows hosts to interact with and answer viewers’ questions in real-time. The LIVE Q&A set of features makes it easier for hosts to choose, showcase, and respond to questions from fans while they’re live. With the help of Prism, one of the top social media marketing agencies in Dubai can make everyone watching the stream have a more enjoyable experience and a deeper connection as a result of this.


The TikTok experience is all about discovery. People will be able to search and listen to LIVE videos more quickly through the For You and Following sections, which will be available soon. Chat (Q&A), Gaming, Talents, Fashion, and Daily Life are some of the most popular LIVE categories, and with enhanced access points to the LIVE page, Top and Recommended LIVE videos will be closer than ever.

Help for Hosts

Prism, a TikTok ads management company found out that by choosing settings on the right side of the Livestream launch page, hosts can now assign a trusted individual to help them manage their streams ahead of time, allowing them to focus on entertaining and engaging the community. 

To keep the stream inviting and respectful, both the host and the person assisting can mute and block anyone during the LIVE.

Keyword Filters

Because LIVE allows creators to share more of themselves with the TikTok community, they want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so, which involves taking a firm position against bullying and abusive remarks. 

TikTok is aware that some remarks or words may appear harmless to some but cause harm to others. To prevent this, hosts can turn off comments in the settings page of the LIVE launch screen, or add up to 200 terms to the keyword filter to limit those comments in the chat. Throughout the webcast, hosts and the person assisting them can add words to the list.

Before you comment, think about it.

TikTok wants producers to be free to focus on engaging their viewers once a Livestream begins. Because negative or abusive comments detract from the passion and energy that creators put into their live streams, viewers will now be reminded to think about the impact of their words before posting something potentially hurtful.

As they seek to preserve a healthy and honest community environment, they will add a means for hosts and the person assisting manage their LIVE to temporarily mute viewers or remove harsh or hurtful comments in the coming weeks. 

This is also why they have more precautions and restrictions in place for LIVE, such as requiring accounts to be 16 years old or older to broadcast a Livestream. Gift-baiting (the solicitation of gifts or engagements) is likewise prohibited on TikTok, as is fraudulent behavior or scams. They will also remove an account from the platform if they find one that impersonates or misleads the community about their identity.

They’re dedicated to keeping TikTok’s happy, supportive, and inspiring community alive while also forging new connections with creators, artists, companies, and viewers with products like TikTok LIVE. They’re thrilled about the prospects of extending TikTok from a platform to an ecosystem at the center of entertainment, the creator economy, and technology, whether they’re on the FYF, scrolling through the Discover Page, or watching a TikTok LIVE.

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