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These Packing Hacks Will Make it So Easy for You to Move to Your Hostel in Coimbatore

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Minimalism is in. With more and more people downsizing their lives and trying to live sustainably, small spaces are very much in demand. And if you’ve been living in a ladies hostel in Coimbatore for a while, you’re probably really familiar with living a decluttered and minimalist lifestyle. But if this is your first time moving into a hostel or PG and you have no idea how to make your entire life fit into a tiny hostel room, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve got some great packing tricks and tips that will make it easy for you to move into and organise your stuff in your hostel room. So, check it out.

According to alphanewscall.com, A quick disclaimer first. Remember that the advantage of living in a hostel is that it doesn’t have to be exactly like your family home. You get to enjoy a lot of added amenities and benefits in a hostel that you wouldn’t at home. So, there’s no need to pack up your entire kitchen or every single lamp that you own to bring with you to your hostel. You’re going to get a room with basic furniture items provided, so it’s only your clothes and personal effects that you should be focusing on. With that being said, let’s look at how we can pack them up.

Organise first

When you first move into your hostel in Coimbatore, your focus will be on getting the unpacking out of the way quickly so that you can focus on exploring the city and making new friends. There won’t be time to examine each of your belongings and their purpose at that time. Instead, you should do this when you’re packing your stuff before moving. Take some time to segregate your belongings and pack only the ones that you actually intend to use. For the remaining items, you could consider keeping them in storage in your family home, or even donating or discarding items that you don’t plan to use or wear again (but more on that in the next part). After all, you don’t want to end up with a hoarding habit in your hostel room.

Make some quick reselling cash

After you’ve segregated your belongings and got the items that you’re taking with you out of the way, you can switch your focus to the rejects. There’s no need to relegate all of them to the dumpster. If you have clothes, accessories or jewellery that are still in good condition that you’ve outgrown or no longer like, they can be a great source of some quick cash. List them on reselling platforms like Olx where you can find a new home for these old items. If you don’t find any takers willing to shell out, you could even opt to donate them to a reputed organization instead.

Keep an overnight bag

You don’t want to end up at your hostel in Saravanampatti after a long day of travel only to have to unpack three suitcases and four different boxes before you can find a change of clothes. So to make things easier for you while you start the unpacking process, keep a separate overnight bag with your essentials. This includes your toiletries, a change of clothes, your devices and chargers as well as any important documents. This is also going to ensure that you don’t end up losing any important items during the move as you can keep this bag on you at all times. 

With these packing tips and tricks, you should find it easy to pack and prepare to live in even the smallest hostel room. So, go ahead and put them into practice!

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