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The Impact of Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia

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People of the current generation value two things, money and fame. The childhood poetry, “Health is Wealth” is being side-lined nowadays and bank balance has become the determinant of growth. Looking at the life of employees gives a heart-wrenching reality of the world we are living in. In a multinational company, employees are overworked for 16 to 18 hours daily. Just imagine the mental condition of such a person, he/she barely would get 3 to 4 hours of sleep. His/her intimate life is gone, no family life, no time for recreation almost a living robot. Is this the development we wanted where we are unable to enjoy the wealth we have accumulated?

The cost we have paid for deprivation of sleep is very high. Today Modalert 200 and Modvigil 200 can easily be found in any working man or woman’s home. It is like adding regular items to the monthly grocery list. Without looking at the precautions and long-term side effects people keep taking sleeping pills until significant damage has been done. Lack of sleep has fuelled the rise in cases of mental disorders.

So if your insomnio is a direct result of your cocaine abuse consider getting cocaine rehab as soon as possible and get your sleeping schedule back on track.

And the current COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the spread of psychological disorders like insomnia, narcolepsy, depression, personality disorder etc. In this article, our main point of discussion will be the impact of sleep deprivation and Insomnia. We will also be discussing some of the possible solutions that can relieve us from the problem.

Why is sleep getting deprived of?

The main reason for lack of sleep can be many, more time spent in front of electronic gadgets, unhealthy food, late-night sleeping, overworking, addictions, personal problems etc. If we look at most of the reasons, they can be prevented, if we take care.

Personal problems

Everyone has some of other problems in life. Sometimes personal issues become so big that it starts interfering with our sleep. We must try to solve the issues with discussion, mutual understanding and love.


Regularly taking alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs like heroin, LSD or cocaine damages the sleep cycle. Addicted people are one of the first to take Artvigil  150 or Waklert 150. Plan to give up the addiction, if not possible by yourself get admitted to a rehabilitation centre.

Increased screen time

In today’s times giving up the use of mobiles phones, laptops, Televisions and other electronic gadgets is not possible. Too much presence in front of a screen increases stress levels, damages the sleep cycle, increases blood pressure and makes you a potent candidate for insomnia.

The side effect of some medication

Your current medication may have a lack of sleep or insomnia as its side effect. In this case, you should not worry because as soon as the medication is over, the sleep cycle will get restored. If medication has stopped but you are still suffering from insomnia, report to the doctor.

Impact of Sleep Deprivation

Poor productivity

If you are thinking of fully planning the day by distributing the works as per schedule then be assured that sleep deprivation will ruin it. For working with full efficiency, it is important to sleep peacefully for 5 to 6 hours. Accumulating sleep at your back will lead to an increase in stress, anxiety and feeling sleepy all the time during the day because sleep is still incomplete.

Dull intimate life

Not sleeping as per need by the body will negatively impact your intimate life with your partner. Getting sexually satisfied becomes a dream for such a couple if especially the male is deprived of sleep or suffering from insomnia. This will lead to disappointment, frustration and add more stress.


In movies, you would have seen insomnia patients behaving strangely. They often forget thing easily, are always confused, changes their mood too quickly. All these situations can be true for insomnia patients in real life also. Ultimately, insomnia throws the person into depression where the person may even turn self-destructive. He/she likes to stay alone and becomes irritative when someone tries to converse with him/her.

High chances of heart attacks

Many doctors and health experts have explained that sleep deprivation can be the reason for heart attacks. Your body wants some hours of rest to recharge itself for the next day. But if you give no rest to the body and keep working, then health issues are inevitable. For a healthy heart, good sleep is much needed.

Possible solutions

The most used solution for overcoming Insomnia is using Modafresh 200 and Artvigil 150. These pills work to re-organize the sleep-wake cycle and provide sound sleep. But like any pills, these too tend to cause side effects in the long run. Hence, a permanent solution to Insomnia cannot be the consumption of tablets, it includes:

  • Performing yoga and meditation. It is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, release stress, stabilize the sleep-wake cycle and uplift the mood of the person.
  • Eat fibrous food and reduce the intake of high cholesterol food items. A happy tummy keeps the heart and minds happy.
  • Burn excess calories, it will provide more access for blood to reach far corners of the body. Thus, the body functions in a sequential manner and signals for sleep and wake are sent/received in time.

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