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The Future Of Real Estate: What Realtors Can Expect in 2022

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A good real estate agent is always looking towards the horizon, anticipating what will come next. You might not have a crystal ball, but you can certainly tune into current trends and get a glimpse of what lies ahead. There are several trends that are poised to take off in 2022 and revolutionize real estate as we know it. Any real estate agent who’s not sure how to find buyers for wholesale real estate will appreciate some of the changes coming in 2022. Find out why wholesaling will become easier than ever — and an increasingly popular form of investing — as we make our way through 2022.

How Is the Real Estate Business Changing?

The arrival of real estate wholesaling software reveals the direction the industry is heading. Long after COVID-19 had pushed most industries into a virtual space, real estate found its equilibrium in the form of wholesaling. This form of investing emerged as one of the most promising opportunities in recent years, but as in-person interactions dwindled, the pressure to find an online format grew. Thus wholesaling software was born. With automated lead generation and advanced data verification, this platform makes investing an accessible endeavor.

This accessibility has paved the way for many new real estate agents to enter the wholesaling game, but only those with genuine investment skills have turned it into a long-term pursuit. This is indicative of one of the biggest changes likely to unfold in 2022 — an emphasis on investing skills eclipsing the industry’s focus on people skills. For decades, real estate has been a people-focused field in which the most charismatic players won. As wholesaling and house flipping absorb a larger share of the market, this is changing, and investment-savvy agents are coming out on top. Now data from apartment market surveys are taking the lead and helping agents make better investment decisions.

How To Adapt to New Changes in the Industry

The aforementioned shift away from relationships might be enough to startle any real estate veteran, but it shouldn’t. Change can be an opportunity to adapt and develop valuable new skills. This is certainly the case when it comes to virtual wholesaling. There are many resources that can help agents learn the skills necessary to start wholesaling, and with the availability of lead generation programs, building a client list isn’t nearly as laborious as it once was. Real estate agents who want to keep their skill set fresh should research the principles of investing and learn how they can profit from wholesale opportunities.

Ultimately, though, adapting isn’t just about skills. It’s about attitude. Agents who resent the changes of 2022 will likely see their business start to slump. Agents who take the initiative and pursue new knowledge will be rewarded for their ability to adapt. This difference in perspective can affect the outcome of your efforts, and it can help you succeed in 2022 and beyond. Change is inevitable — especially in an industry like real estate — but you can turn change into progress by seeking out new skills. Then you can turn progress into profit with your newfound knowledge.

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