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With JD Logistics, Richard Liu Launches 2nd Warehouse in Dubai

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Richard Liu and JD Logistics have just announced that JD Logistics has established a second warehouse in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai. The new warehouse, which has become part of the company’s worldwide logistics network, will be able to offer end-to-end supply chain services for local and international merchants across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Under the leadership of Richard Liu, JD Logistics began operations in the Middle East in early 2020, when it established the first warehouse in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), the largest free trade zone in the region. From this location, the company began providing logistics services to countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as well as to the continent of Africa.

This second warehouse, comprising an area of 12,000 square meters, is located in Dubai Industrial City. It is just a twenty-minute drive from the Port of Jebel Ali, making it convenient for incoming and outgoing international shipments. The warehouse is set up to service both B2C and B2B fulfillment services for large, medium, and small products.

Like other JD Logistics facilities, the second warehouse in Dubai offers a broad range of third-party logistics services, including ground, sea, and air transportation, unloading/offloading, cross-docking, warehousing, customs clearance, white labeling, sorting, dropshipping, and more.

The JD Logistics technology offerings include an in-house developed management system that tracks inbound and outbound inventory. This proprietary system enables JD Logistics to vigilantly monitor inventory levels. This metric is used to accurately predict sales trends and helps merchants and JD Logistics allocate distribution resources in a more productive manner, thereby improving the efficiency of the logistics operation.

“Powered by digital capabilities, The JD Logistics warehouse in Dubai provides clients with comprehensive logistics solutions, considerably streamlining the international shipping routes,” said Siyuan Yue, the head of JD Logistics Dubai Warehouse.

One of the international e-commerce platforms that is becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East is Fordeal. Fordeal is a relatively new platform that has gained traction in the region. JD Logistics’ proprietary in-house warehouse management system software is being utilized to assist Fordeal in improving its own systems. JD Logistics is working with Fordeal to create more efficient processes by building an intelligent inventory management system.

This system is capable of digitally managing inventory as well as making accurate predictions and plans. JD Logistics also offers a smart packing advice system to help customers save even more material on their packaging. Since starting to work with JD Logistics, Fordeal has seen a reduction of 30 percent in its storage expenses while simultaneously improving its fulfillment accuracy to 99.5 percent. Additionally, the order outgoing time for Fordeal has been reduced to 12 hours, down from 24 hours previously.

According to Yun Qing, who serves as the head of Fordeal’s warehouse operations in Dubai, “JD Logistics worked with us and offered us custom services and a personal crew to manage inventory. Already, it is incredible to see that with JD Logistics’ assistance, the efficiency of our warehouse has doubled.  At the same time, our expenditures have fallen by 30 percent,” said Qing.

About Richard Liu and JD.com

Richard Liu is the founder and chairman of JD.com, an international e-commerce, and technology service provider. Born in a modest home in a small village, Richard Liu learned early on the value of hard work and education. Liu was a problem solver even as a young child, coming up with innovative ways to make the best use of the few resources that his family had available.

Richard Liu is a self-made man who saved and worked for what he has achieved, beginning with his first computer, which he earned money for while working and attending university.

He has since made a name for himself by building one of the most successful e-commerce enterprises in the entire world, JD.com. Under his guidance, JD.com continues to thrive and grow. The company has over 580 million active customers and ranks 46th on the 2022 Fortune Global 500.

About JD Logistics

JD Logistics is an arm of JD.com. Over 1,500 of JD Logistics’ warehouses are located in China, and the company also maintains roughly 90 bonded warehouses, international direct mail facilities, and foreign warehouses across the world. JD Logistics is a market leader in the provision of integrated supply chain services. JD Logistics has built six logistics networks that covers China and reaches every corner of the globe. It has redefined the industry’s logistics service standards through the launch of same- and next-day delivery, 24-hour delivery in lower-tier markets and more. 

In addition, JD Logistics focuses on implementing the Green Stream Initiative “Planet, People, Profit”, to bring industry and society’s attention to the sustainable development of human beings. It is the first logistics enterprise in China that sets Science Based Targets.

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