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The 5 Keys to Creating Winning Evergreen Content

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The 5 Keys to Creating Winning Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is an important component in long-term digital marketing. It keeps websites relevant even in the midst of a fast-paced world that seems to change almost daily. Needless to say, every site should offer a healthy volume of evergreen content.


The thing about evergreen content is that it does not happen by accident. It must be created with intention. Furthermore, it must be developed with an understanding of how consumers utilize content in its many forms. If a content creator understands their audience and knows how to reach them effectively, creating winning evergreen content is made easier.


Evergreen Content Defined


If you are not sure what evergreen content is, think about evergreen trees. A pine tree doesn’t undergo the same seasonal changes as a maple. It stays green year-round. Likewise, evergreen content withstands the test of time. It is relevant week-after-week, month-after-month, and year-after-year.


Its main strength is that it consistently produces positive search engine results. A healthy volume of evergreen content can do more for a company’s digital marketing strategy that even the most thorough keyword research. Of course, keyword research is a necessary tool of evergreen content creation, too.


5 Keys to Content Creation


Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City firm that specializes in all things digital marketing and SEO. They say there are five keys to producing evergreen content that gets results:


1. Consistent Voice


Whether content is created in written, video, or graphic form, its voice needs to be consistent. Consumers find it easier to engage when they are familiar and comfortable with a website’s voice. In contrast, evergreen content does not perform as well when it is produced by multiple people presenting different voices. A lack of consistent voice can actually turn consumers away.


2. Consistent Style


Hand-in-hand with consistent voice is consistent style. Note that style consistency is possible across every form of content. It is as important to keeping consumers engaged.


3. Easily Updated


Some people make the mistake of assuming that evergreen content is not dated; that it doesn’t mention specific events or cultural references that would quickly become outdated. While such thinking may be true in isolated cases, it doesn’t apply as a general rule. In fact, it is nearly impossible to create content that remains up to date for years on end.


Instead, the goal is to create content that can be easily updated as needed. As a bonus, updating older pieces helps search engine rankings by demonstrating that a site’s owner is making the effort to stay relevant.


4. Useful Information


No piece of content, whether evergreen or otherwise, will make much of a difference if it doesn’t offer useful information. Useful blog posts discuss interesting topics. Useful informational articles present facts, figures, and principles that readers can immediately put to use. Even funny cat videos are useful in the sense that they make people laugh. But if there is nothing there for consumers to use, they are not going to stick around.


5. Unique Angles


Finally, one of the most important keys to creating winning evergreen content is utilizing unique angles. This concept is rooted in the reality that there are a limited number of topics to develop in any given industry. Obviously, content creators want to look for topics that don’t get a lot of coverage. But regardless of coverage, each piece has to take a unique angle so that is not merely repeating the same information offered by so many other pieces.


Evergreen content is one of the staples of long-term digital marketing. Create winning evergreen content and you set yourself up for long-term success.

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