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Telescopic Conveyor for Industrial Use

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Telescopic conveyors are one of the best choices for industrial use. It increases the overall performance and also makes the time-consuming processes easy to complete. These package handling applications are used by big industries.

 A Telescopic Conveyor length can be increased using extra slides and that makes it flexible machinery to use in industry. These are mostly used for loading and unloading packages. The slides help the packages to stack over place or load them in the truck. It’s a one-time investment that works the quality of the work environment. Automation makes the work easier for the worker. The stacking and dumping are done in a few minutes. Companies like Armstrong can help you to introduce the perfect telescopic conveyor in your existing system. These telescopic conveyors can then be used for multiple purposes in order to streamline the various operations of your business.

Working Principle of telescopic conveyor:

Telescopic boom conveyors are very straightforward. When getting ready for the dock door, a variety of steel sections is designed one within the opposite and held on in a very base section in a constant approach as a telescope. Once a truck elevates the door, the operator extends the conveyor plates by gently touching the pad. The sections touch the truck door while the belt mechanically travels with the conveyor, so once the operator reaches the loading/unloading space, the telescopic conveyor is unmoved, prepared for action. The operator slides every item onto the tip of the conveyor. The belt transports the item on its length, wherever it either continues to a different conveyor or is off-loaded to a pallet.

Advantages of telescopic conveyor:

  • Improve the work environment.
  • Effective solution for handling packages.
  • Minimize the need for manual handling
  • The plates can be a shift in the needed spot
  • The track can be extended whenever needed.
  • Loading unloading takes less time.
  • Easy to maintain the whole thing
  • A reliable and safe option for the operators.
  • No chance of dropping the products in between means no damage to products
  • Customization is available according to your needs.

Why a telescopic conveyor?

Telescopic conveyors often move packages from the truck or in the truck easily. A telescopic conveyor comes with an enormous form of functions and accent parts. This includes lifting aids and operator platforms. The telescopic conveyor value is additionally quite cheap. Telescopic conveyors can give you simple and reliable automation solutions. You’ll additionally get your telescopic conveyor custom engineered as per your needs. You can even match a quality component to your conveyor so it can simply be affected between the doors.

Telescopic Conveyor for different industries:

The Telescopic Conveyor is quite versatile industrial machinery to use. Almost every industry requires a conveyor for loading and unloading. Stacking packages or dumping them becomes easier with a telescopic conveyor.

The telescopic conveyor can perform different operations for in different places like

  • Dissemination Centers
  • Warehousing Operations
  • Coordination Operations
  • Express Freight Terminals

Telescopic comes with hydraulic lift. Mainly used in distribution centers for loading and unloading trucks. The can be used in both forward and backward directions movements of the packages. They both reduce tons of time for this and manpower. So, it overall improves the work quality.



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