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5 Ways Of Social Media That Affect Our Mental Health

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Social media now has become an important part of many people’s lives. Most people have their personal social media accounts. Today’s world is dependent on social media. The best part of social media is we can do all the things sitting at our home. We can connect with our friends and loved ones easily. We get lots of information whatever we want. 4.48 billion people use social media worldwide. Research says people spend 145 minutes per day on social media.

Because of social media, the world has become very first. But using social media has disadvantages too. Nowadays we all use social media in a bad way and include it in our regular life. We may not notice those things but they can affect our mental health.

Fear of missing out:

Fear of missing out on a short form(FOMO) is the feeling of anxiety. FOMO comes in regret. FOMO is a negative thought. Which comes in anxiety. If something good or exciting happens with others and you are not there, when you see posts on your Facebook, Instagram your friends, others are having more fun, living a better life than you then FOMO comes. Using social media platforms too much is the main reason and our happiness becomes a competition. The feeling of unhappiness is the reason for unhealthy behaviors.

Online Harassment:

Making threats or getting comments and repeated unwanted comments that calls social media harassment. Because of social media, anyone can comment on your pictures and that’s so easy. Individual incidents happen on social media. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you are an active Twitter user then you must know jeff tiedrich. He is a famous political blogger. He was recognized for his irritating tweets about American Ex-president Donald Trump. Anyone can abuse and target someone very badly just because of social media. So, use social media in a good way and be free from online harassment.

Sleep problem:

Most people check social media updates at night before sleep and wake up in the morning and see the first thing is social media updates. This is not a healthy habit. When we watch our favorite movies on a streaming platform that can give us the opportunity to watch movies according to our time. Like amazon prime, disneyplus com login , Netflix. In this busy world, most of us are free at night. Most people start scrolling their phones and watching movies at night. That can affect our sleep. And when we don’t sleep enough that affects our physical and mental health both. Approximately, we should sleep at least 6-8 hours. And you feel fresh and energetic in next morning.

Social Media Addiction:

Addictive social media use is very common. It can give you a negative effect. Using social media for more than 2 hours is called social media addiction. Social media addicted people think about social media when they are not using it. They spend less time on other activities. They check their phones while they are eating and going out with friends. It causes loneliness, anxiety, and depression. As a result, social media directly affect mental health.


In today’s world, most people use social media. What we do can affect our minds. Don’t forget that social media is never a replacement for the real world. Real Life connection, bonding make you more happy, healthy. Social media can make us feel depressed and lonely. Spend time with your family. Sharing all life updates is unhealthy self-centeredness. From social media, we should accept the good things and gain knowledge. Also, it helps us in our education. So, use it in a positive way.

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