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A chiselled jawline is something a lot of us aim for. Sometimes, no matter how much we diet or exercise and how to fit we are, we still seem to have a double chin. When this happens, the face starts to look like a “baby face” and it is not a nice feeling. The best way to say goodbye to your double chin is by considering a chin liposuction Toronto. This cosmetic procedure targets a small and specific area to remove the fat. It can bring about a drastic change in the facial contours and also make you feel great about how you look. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What happens in chin liposuction?

The chin liposuction is performed by putting the patient under general anaesthesia. The surgeon might choose a local anaesthetic with IV sedation. It is not a long procedure and lasts for about an hour. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision under the chin. This incision has a diameter of a couple of millimetres. There is no visible scarring after the procedure, as the area being treated is very small and multiple visible incisions are not required. After the incision is made, the surgeon will remove the fat till the contours have appeared. In the end, the incisions are closed. A soft compression garment is tied around the head. This is done to minimize the swelling.

Can you pair this procedure with other treatments?

If you want, you can pair chin liposuction with a chin implant. When you pair these together it helps to achieve a result that will drastically improve the previously small chin. It will help you to achieve a stronger looking bone structure. The combination of chin liposuction and chin implant will help you achieve a balanced proportion.

What does recovery look like?

You can leave on the same day after the surgery if you feel like it. You would need a friend or a family member to return home with. Before you leave, you will be provided with recovery instruction kid and advice that can help with the recovery. Pain medication is also prescribed for emergency purposes. Usually, people don’t describe the recovery as painful. You might experience some swelling or bruising, after it. Light daily activities can be carried out with comfort.

Between days 5 to 7, you will have to go back to the clinic for a check and remove the suture. For the next couple of weeks, it is recommended to avoid bending over or lifting anything heavy. This is to avoid increasing swelling and pressure on your face. It is suggested that you keep multiple pillows under your head and neck while sleeping. This will help to bring down the swelling. Most people who undergo liposuction can return to work within a week. Again, that is highly dependent on the job you have. Recovery from treatment is fast-paced, which makes it an increasingly attractive procedure.

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