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Reasons to conduct pre-medical tests before taking up a health insurance plan

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Different types of health insurance policies come with prerequisites for health assessment. When you buy a health insurance policy, you need to undergo some tests. Many reputed health insurance companies provide a pre-medical test as a service offering for health assessment.

What is a pre-policy medical test?

A pre-medical test is a medical examination asked by an insurance company before approving a health insurance policy. Generally, it is required for a policy proposer aged more than 40. However, an individual below 40 years is recommended to undergo a pre-policy medical check-up as it helps determine your health condition.

These pre-medical tests are a major deciding factor in determining your eligibility for different types of health insurance. It helps to decide whether or not you are a high-risk policy proposer. The insurer determines your premiums for an appropriate health insurance plan.

Can you buy health insurance without a pre-medical test?

Often, individuals get drawn to advertisements proposing health insurance without medical tests. Yes, you can get a policy without medical tests from a few insurance companies, but a medical examination is a value proposition when making a claim. While you are tempted to get health insurance without undergoing a medical exam, you must answer the questions – is health cover without a test worthy, or will it cause an issue later?  

Explore why pre-medical tests are essential before choosing from different health insurance policies.

  • Full disclosure clause

The utmost principle of faith in the insurance sector mandates pre-medical tests. As per the fundamental full disclosure clause, both the insurer and the insured need to uncover all the facts and relevant information to each other. This acts as evidence for the insurer to the insurance company.

  • Determine the right health insurance 

There are many health insurance policies, and an individual needs to select the suitable one. The choice is backed by the pre-test medical report and the post-test formalities. These pre-medical tests help the policy proposer determine the right plan from different health insurance policies.

  • Assessment of the health risk 

With pre-medical examination reports, the policy proposer and the insurance provider become aware of the health risk. The service provider assesses these reports for the cover, premium, and policy period for different types of health insurance. An insurance company may accept the proposal, or reject, charge a higher or a lower premium rate, or exclude or include the pre-existing illness exposure based on the reports. 

  • Post medical test process 

The pre-medical test helps navigate your way to the post-medical test processes. Here an insurer reiterates the principle of utmost good faith through the complete disclosure norm. When a policy proposer discloses the health-related issues thoroughly, the insurance company proclaims the claim settlement, premiums, cover, rewards, and discounts to the potential policyholder.

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Who bears the cost of medical tests

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has provisioned the insurance provider to bear at least half of the cost of pre-medical tests. If you go to their enlisted diagnostic centre of the health insurance company, it bears the entire expense of a pre-medical check-up. The medical check-up cost varies by the insurance company. Some insurance companies let the insurer bear the cost, which will be reimbursed once they buy the policy.

Tests included in the pre-policy medical examination

Generally, the insurance company determines medical tests to undergo a pre-policy medical examination. Age and the insurance coverage expected by the insurer are the significant factors considered to pick this series of tests. 

Following are the common types of tests required for pre-policy medical examination: 

  • Blood sugar
  • Lipid profile test
  • Blood pressure 
  • ECG 
  • Blood serum test
  • Blood count
  • Urine test 
  • Cholesterol test 

Benefits for policy proposers 

  • It enables quick claim approvals with an existing record of your medical health with the insurance provider. 
  • Appropriately lower premium costs
  • Get coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • You can come to know about a severe health issue before it’s too late

Do not put your patience to test

It is always advisable to regularly take health check-ups, especially before buying your first insurance policy. A pre-medical test is a customer-friendly solution with leading insurance providers in the industry. It helps you to simplify the compensation process in the future. If you do not undergo the pre-medical process, it may test your patience later.  

A health insurance coverage can save you from incurring high healthcare costs. You can get reimbursement in parts or lump sum, depending on the types of health insurance availed.

Thus, lead a healthy life and back it up with the right health insurance choice!

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