by Rajdeep Basu

Athletes make their most significant mistakes when they ignore their recovery. Every sport you can think of has athletes working some part of their body in an extraneous fashion. These movements are used to exert force and coordination and are based on purpose. Athletes can get fatigued quite often and disregard it to continue the chase for being the best. Well, if you get injured, you lose a huge amount of time. Training would be out of the question, and also winning at the sport. Instead of just winging your recovery, come to Push-Pounds Toronto Physiotherapy.

What do we do at Push Pounds – Toronto Physiotherapy?

Simply put, Push pound is a state-of-the-art sports medicine center. Here we provide the best services for recovery, regeneration, functioning, diagnostics, scanning, and much more. The basis of the clinic is human performance optimized. Athletes from many different sports utilize our services and see drastic improvements. The nature of our services ranges through many different domains. It’s safe to say that with a visit to us, almost all of your recovery issues can be sorted with ease. We have top equipment for our diagnostic and medical services. For physiotherapy, our equipment is specialized and from the best physiotherapy equipment brands

So what Services do we offer? 

Take a look.

Medical Services

We have a lot of services under each domain, and all of them have significant importance in any athlete’s recovery and health.


Hyaluronic acid (responsible for joint health) is produced in the body naturally. It is part of the four Glycos-Amino-Glycans in the body which help in maintaining connective tissue health at optimum levels. Athletes work their joints to the max, which causes micro-tears deep within the joint. Along with these micro-tears, the levels of Hyaluronic acid also decrease with time and training. If these issues combine, they can lead to arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms. At Push-Pounds, we offer the top-of-the-line service for Hyaluronic acid injections in the joint or Viscosupplementation. 

Intervention, Pain, Orthopedics, All in One Roof: 

Interventional Radiology is a culmination of techniques to diagnose and possibly treat illness. The techniques are minimally invasive and have an extremely high rate of recovery. Athletes use these procedures for performance and many other purposes. An overworked muscle has its ability to perform substantially decreased. Athletes need to let the muscles take their time for recovery. On the off chance that they don’t, injuries can happen. Appropriate pain management which doesn’t hinder the athlete’s physiology is necessary. This is what we provide along with orthopedic surgery at our sports medicine center, Push-Pounds.

Recovery Services

An athlete is only as good as their training and recovery.

We have the best services for both.


There are a lot of options here, so do not get confused. We will recommend which form of physiotherapy is best for your problem.  

If you have questions such as What machines do physiotherapists use? then you need to rephrase it. At Push-Pounds, we have so many physiotherapy domains and respective equipment to make you ask even more questions. 

Ultrasound Physiotherapy

What is an Ultrasonic machine for physiotherapy?

These machines emit frequencies that can cause very small mechanical vibrations. These vibrations can be used for many recovery health benefits. Athletes utilize these minute vibrations to break down the scar tissue formed due to their intense training regimens. It enhances the blood flow from the area of vibrations. This is a much preferred and praised recovery technique for joints, tendons, etc.

Electrotherapy and Physiotherapy

What is Electrotherapy in Physiotherapy?

The brain signals the motor organs through electrical stimuli. This nerve induction can be increased to improve an athlete’s performance. 

There are three types of electrotherapy devices in Electrotherapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS is a popular electrotherapy method. The machine allows us to use high to low frequencies in the range of 60 to 200. These frequencies can help reduce pain by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. The technique involves electrode pads on or near the affected part. It’s a highly useful technique to reduce many forms of pain. 

Interferential Current 

It is a deeper form of the TENS technique and consists of two high-frequency currents. These currents are able to stimulate the deeper areas of pain and can give immense relief. It is a preferred technique to treat chronic, acute, and traumatic (pre-post) pain. 

The use of these tools leads to a very good results for acute and chronic pain management. This is due to their ability to block the pain signals and stimulate more blood flow. The micro-tears and scar tissue that has become built up can be removed through this. Once the scar tissue has completely gone, the increased levels of blood flow help in recovery.

So, if you have a form of chronic or acute physical pain, please be sure to visit Push-Pounds Sports Medicine Centre.

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