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Different Options for Female Infertility Treatment

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Female Infertility

Not everyone in this world is blessed with the same fertility abilities that are possessed by healthy and fertile couples. About 15 percent of couples all across the globe have been facing infertility problems. Although the contribution of both males and females is equal in the declined birth rate by a percentage of 30 percent by each gender. However, female infertility has always remained highlighted as compared to that of male infertility. Many treatments have been introduced for the treatments of both female and male infertility.

Female infertility treatment has always remained a great concern for couples who want to have babies of their own. However, in some families, females have been forced to take even those treatments which are clearly meaningless and purposeless. However, the advancement in the field of medicines and the development of awareness related to infertility among people have solved this problem to a greater extent. Now both the females and their family members know there are different specific reasons behind infertility and treatment should be taken according to the reasons so they can achieve maximum results.

Following are some of the possible treatments that can be taken to cure female infertility.


Medication is the first ever treatment that can be taken after home remedies to cure female infertility. Many medicines have been made by different pharmaceutical industries for that purpose. Following are some of the most effective medicines to cure female infertility.

  •       Clomifene is widely used to treat infertility that is caused by problems in ovulation. It promotes the release of eggs every month by regulating the menstrual cycle. It is used by those with irregular cycles or who cannot ovulate at all during the fertile age.
  •       Gonadotrophines are specialized medicines to treat female infertility and are mostly used to regulate ovulation during each menstrual cycle and the estrous cycle. These medicines do their work by maintaining the release of gonadotropin hormone. Some medicines can be used by males as well to cure their infertility.
  •       Metformin is specially used to cure infertility that is caused by various types of infections in the female reproductive tract. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, abbreviated as PCOS is an infection of the ovaries which results in the enlargement of ovaries due to the presence of water-filled sacs. This results in infertility by disturbing the periods and can be treated by metformin.


Surgical processes are also available for finding out the reasons behind female infertility and eliminating them.

  •       Fallopian tube surgery is performed to remove any type of blockage in these tubes. This blockage can create hurdles for the egg while passing through them. So surgery is performed to remove the blockage whether it is scar tissue or something else.
  •       Sometimes PCOS cannot be cured with the help of medicines due to the severity of the case. In such situations, surgery is performed to remove the water-filled sacs and bring the ovaries to their original shapes. Usually, these sacs are directly cut off during surgery or sometimes only water is removed from them to prevent any damage to the ovaries or other organs of the reproductive system.

Assisted Conception or Advanced Treatments

 These are the latest and advanced methods of female infertility treatment and usually involve the treatment by fertilizing the egg outside the body and then its implantation into the womb for further development. Following are some latest techniques for this type of treatment.

  •       IUI is one of the successful techniques to cure infertility. It involves artificial insemination. In this procedure, the sperms are collected from the male partner and then taken to the special laboratories. Here sperm are washed using different techniques to remove extra chemicals and fluids that can hurt the vaginal tract of the female. Then these sperms are entered into the female reproductive system using a thin long tube.
  •       IVF is the most popular treatment among the assistive techniques to cure female infertility. In this process sperms and eggs are taken from the respective partners and then washed in the laboratory. After that, they are combined to complete the fertilization and this fertilized egg is implanted into the female’s womb. Here it completes development and the process is similar to any normal pregnancy.

The decision pertaining to which option to pursue is decided by the doctor after thoroughly studying the case of the patient.

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