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NLB: The best Staffing Services and Talent Acquisition Company

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NLB: The best Staffing Services and Talent Acquisition Company

The staffing services industry is enormous, and India is moving in the right direction to realize its potential. There are more than 7,000 staffing services in India. According to the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) report, in March 2021, India was among the “most attractive markets for staffing,” ahead of China and Ireland. The report by SIA covered staffing markets in 60 countries across the world.

NLB Services was founded in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, with a handful of members which now has grown into a team of over 8000 professionals. In 2020, SIA recognized NLB Services as one of the fastest-growing staffing services companies in the USA. It has the industry’s No.1 organic recruitment engine dedicated to 900+ client projects.

The staffing services industry is vast, candidate-driven, and competitive, and finding the right talent for the company’s or business’ growth becomes a priority. Staffing services and talent acquisition companies save employers a lot of time and money by finding suitable talent in a smooth and seamless manner. Here’s where NLB Services comes to the rescue with its top-notch services.

Talent Solutions Provided by NLB Services

Technology Staffing– As mentioned above, NLB has the industry’s No.1 organic talent recruitment engine, making the entire process smooth with speed, scalability, and quality.

Business Process Staffing– NLB Services offers the onshore and offshore business process staffing for order management, customer and vendor helpdesk, 24/7 support, IT helpdesk, billing/invoicing/PO creation, claims management, engineering services, social media analysts, healthcare professionals, technicians, and parts dispatch, returns management, entitlement and warranty, inventory management.

Healthcare Staffing  -NLB Healthcare is among the fastest-growing healthcare staffing companies. NLB provides a platform to help healthcare professionals to learn about job opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing  – NLB also helps build and run a fully optimized talent acquisition process. NLB’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions help in the entire process from attracting to bringing onboard world-class professionals.

Talent Community  – ClearedTalent is helping global companies gather a next-gen workforce. The process is simple – A) The candidate takes a skill test, B) build credibility, and C) use it for multiple opportunities.

How Staffing Services Work

A staffing service agency aims to help business owners find the right talent for the open positions in the company. The hiring process is tedious and takes a lot of time, and here’s the role of a staffing agency comes into play. Here’s how the staffing agency works with businesses:

A). An employer gets in touch with the agency and lists all the required information, such as vacancies, job description, salary, etc.

B). The staffing services then create a job post and advertise on various platforms.

C). The agency then goes through the countless applications they receive and shortlists the potential candidates. They then schedule an interview with the shortlisted candidates before introducing the right fit to the company’s hiring manager.

D). There is a further shortlist of the shortlisted candidates interviewed by the company’s hiring manager, who has the final say on the hiring.

NLB Services is one of the fastest-growing workforce solution providers. They ensure a smooth movement during the entire hiring process providing the right kind of talent to the business owners.

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