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Luxury Minimalism: 3 Ways to Look Expensive while Dressing Simply

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Minimalism is praised by influencers, designers and fashion magazines — but many still equate it with a set of restrictions or boring formulas in the spirit of “white top, black bottom”.   


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Styles That Suit You

A minimalist wardrobe is not necessarily black and white and strict. First of all, this is a thoughtful set of things that suit you — fit your figure, beautifully highlight the skin tone and eye color, help you feel good. Shades and silhouettes are secondary: the main thing is your sense of self.


Universal Formulas

When you collect a few basic things that really suit you, you will be able to quickly create stylish images for any occasion. Tight jeans that suit your body type, high-quality T-shirts, classic trench coats and textured sneakers add up to voluminous and interesting sets that look expensive almost without effort on your part.


A Calm Palette

In a well-built minimalist wardrobe, everything is combined with everything. You will no longer have to remember what you were going to wear this yellow dress with when you bought it, and spend precious morning minutes in front of the closet in search of harmonious combinations. It’s not about the tandem of black and white again — olive, coffee, champagne and all shades of beige are at your disposal.



These 3 ways will help you look stylish effortlessly. We hope this article was useful to you.

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