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Lamy Fountain Pens: Great for Any Task

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Lamy fountain pens are made in Germany, so you know you’re getting quality. Lamy pens are well-known for their ultramodern, low-cost, and comfortable method of writing. These pens have deep roots in the Bauhaus philosophy, which was prevalent in the early 20th century. The factory in Heidelberg is where the fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens made by the German brand Lamy are produced.

All Lamy pens, such as the Safari, Studio, or 2000 fountain pens, feature the same high level of craftsmanship, which can be found in every Lamy pen. Blesket Canada is the only place that makes sense for you if you want to enjoy a luxurious writing experience because of its extensive collection. If you are searching for ink refills for your Lamy fountain pen, Safari, or other accessories, you have come to the right place.

Standout Feature of Lamy Fountain Pens:

Every pen has features that make it outshine others. Here we describe all the standout features of the Lamy Fountain Pens.

Body and Design:

Because of how it is constructed, a Lamy fountain pen can be identified at a glance. You must have always considered fountain pens to have a quaint and antique air. But this is not the case with the Lamy Fountain Pens.

The handgrip of the Lamy has been elongated and flattened. Because of this, it stands out. This one has a significantly greater thickness than the barrels of other fountain pens. This makes the pen easier to hold for long periods without discomfort.


When it comes to ink, you have a great deal more versatility when working with fountain pens. Ink cartridges for standard fountain pens are available, should you choose that route. Lamy offers their take on these in various colors, depending on the model. You should be aware, however, that the ink cartridge that comes with the pen is blue.

This is the default setting. If you would rather have this, you will need to purchase black ink. A dropper can be used to refill the ink cartridges in this pen. This indicates that different kinds of fountain pen ink are available for purchase. Because of this, they can serve a variety of purposes.   


The nibs on the Lamy pens can be switched out for other options. If you purchase a Lamy pen, it will come equipped with a medium size nib; however, you can also purchase nibs of fine and extra fine sizes. These nibs can be used with any of the Lamy pens available.

Although the Lamy Safari comes with steel nibs, Lamy also makes gold nibs for its Studio fountain pens; if you prefer, you can use one of these instead of the nib that comes with the Safari. Despite this, the steel nibs perform admirably in their roles.

Writing Experience:

The writing performance of stainless steel nibs can be improved, as demonstrated by the Lamy fountain pens, which use these pens. The precision-made nib/feeder assembly, a design exclusive to Lamy, makes it possible for all Lamy fountain pens to have excellent flow control and a smooth writing experience. Not only are Lamy fountain pens fantastic for day-to-day use thanks to their dependable system, but they are also an excellent choice for people just starting. Nibs range from extra fine to broad, and both right- and left-handed versions, in addition to three different calligraphy stub nibs, are available to purchase. All steel nibs can be swapped out for one another, and their straightforward “pull-off” and “push-on” fittings make it easy to switch between nib sizes.

Top 3 Lamy Fountain Pens:

Here are the top 3 Lamy Fountain Pens That you can find at Blesket Canada.

1. Lamy Safari

The Lamy Safari stands out thanks to its distinctive design for an entry-level fountain pen. The sturdy Safari pen is easy on the hand and offers a wide selection of vibrant ink colors. The Safari pen’s ABS plastic construction ensures it will last a long time.

2. Lamy Studio:

This Lamy Studio fountain pen is made entirely of metal. The Lamy Studio is a great option if you’re a pen enthusiast. There is a large variety of fountain pen styles available from the Studio series. Quality construction is expected from a Lamy pen, and that’s exactly what you get here. There’s not the slightest bit of play. 

3. Lamy 2000:

The 2000 barrel is constructed out of a fantastic fiberglass-like material called Makrolon. It’s comfortable to hold, warm to the touch, and surprisingly sturdy for its size. Piston fillers are used for inking the 2000 and are seamlessly integrated into the machine. You might not even notice the seam at the pen’s tip if you didn’t know what you were looking for. 

Why They Make A Perfect Gift For Someone!

If you are trying to buy a pen for somebody else, it can feel stressful at first, but if you know them more formally, a Lamy fountain pen is an impressive gift.

If you want to give a gift that the recipient will use, the Lamy fountain pens are perfectly acceptable and the best writing instrument you can find at a budget price. If it’s a gift with significant meaning, you might want to go for something a little more flashy and glamorous. Go for gold; gold never fails.

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