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How to Pack Kitchen for Moving

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You may be surprised, but the kitchen is considered one of the most difficult rooms to pack items when moving. Getting packed things from this room takes a lot of time. You need to not only sort the contents of all cupboards and drawers but also carefully pack them. Kitchen stuff contains many items of different sizes and shapes, and many of them are fragile.

But don’t worry — the tips and hits from professional movers San Diego to San Francisco, who help people to change their residence over 10 years, will help you to ease the moving process.

4 Easy Steps to Pack Kitchen

One of the toughest things people face when moving is that the kitchen needs to keep functioning for as long as possible until the moving day. Proper preparation that precedes packing your kitchen contents will allow you to painlessly prepare for relocation and edit down your belongings. So, give yourself a few days before the moving date and make the following steps. If you are working with a professional moving company, this should be pretty easy to do.

Clean up the Kitchen

One of the main moving tips that work well not only with the kitchen is to sort out the stuff. Pull out the items you no longer want or need. If you have not used the item for over a year, you have two ways:

  • Take the broken one to the trash.
  • Give it to friends, relatives, or to the local thrift store if the item is in good condition.

Do not listen to the voice that we will advise you to take unnecessary things with you and also feel free to throw away the cleaning products and condiments that you have started. The only exceptions are items that evoke sentimental memories for you and canned food that you can use to prepare a meal before leaving, which will save the budget and limit the amount of waste.

Prepare Packing Materials

To start the next stage of preparing the kitchen for the move, stock up on packing materials. You will need:

  • Packing paper. Do not use newspaper or printed sheets — they can leave stains on your belongings, while special paper and bubble wrap will keep things secure and can be used as a buffer between items and prevent breaks.
  • Boxes of different sizes and special dividers designed for packing and stacking complex items.
  • Plastic stretch wrap to hold folded items together and prevent them from shifting.
  • Packing tape and markers to label the boxes so that you clearly understand what is contained in them.

The packing experience of movers from Got2Move shows that it is likely that more packing supplies will be needed than you initially plan because items of unusual sizes, such as vases, fragile items, silverware, and others, will take up more space in boxes than items that are easy to pack.

Separate the Essentials

Don’t rush to start packing until you’ve set aside the items you want to keep on hand before and immediately after the move. You will need:

  • A set of dishes for each member of your family;
  • A kitchen towel;
  • Dishwashing soap and sponge;
  • A knife, a frying pan, and a saucepan so that you have the opportunity to prepare food;
  • Other household appliances that you will need during this period.

Designate a cupboard where you can place these items while you assemble the rest of the kitchen stuff. Later, you will have the opportunity to pack it all into an essentials box on the day of your departure.

Get to Work

Now, you are ready to get started. Rarely used items are the first subject to packaging, and then, you can move from one cabinet or drawer to another, gradually forming boxes, and be sure to sign them. Keep in mind that kitchen boxes with glassware and plates can become heavy very quickly, so put them in smaller moving containers. Pack the identical items together to make the unpacking process easier.

Stop buying perishables before moving day because the company won’t transport them for health and safety reasons. You will have to take the rest of the groceries into your car when you move. We also recommend bringing a box of essentials with you in the car as these are the first kitchen items you will need in your new home.

If packing things for the kitchen still seems to you like an impossible mission, use the moving services that are usually offered by transport companies. So, you will definitely be sure that things are properly packed and will reach your new residence safe and sound. You will not regret your choice since professional assistance is always useful.

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