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Kill the anxiety of your pet with these Delta 8 products.

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Kill the anxiety of your pet with these Delta 8 products.

Just like us, our furry friends tend to experience anxiety at times. While anxiety is a healthy expression of their emotions, it can affect them if it remains undealt. With time, untreated anxiety can lead to behavioral and psychological changes and can even turn into an anxiety disorder. In this article, you should learn about using Delta-8 for anxiety. The Delta 8 form of THC has been an anxiety reliever for ages now. With that, can delta-8 help your pet combat anxiety? If yes, how to use it? Worry not. Before you leave, you will likely find answers to your questions.  

What is pet anxiety? 

A state of feeling uneasy and nervous is what we refer to as anxiety. While triggers of pet anxiety are often the same, they can have different effects on pets. What causes this kind of anxiety in pets? According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the common causes in dogs include fear, separation, and aging. 

  • Anxiety due to fear 

Change in the environment, loud noise, and strange happenings can trigger fear in pets. Most animals react to it briefly, while the anxious ones develop a more complicated condition. Even for the well-trained lot, anxiety can come without any triggers. It is what we call generalized anxiety. 

  • Anxiety due to separation 

Reportedly, separation anxiety affects over 14 percent of dogs. It is a condition where pets feel insecure when separated from their regular caretakers or owners. Characterized by barking and untamed behavior, pets start reacting to things aggressively. 

  • Anxiety due to old age. 

As pets start aging, their cognitive abilities start decreasing. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome can cause a decline in memory and perception in senior pets. Eventually, they get confused and anxious about everything. 

How do you spot anxiety in pets? 

Having a pet is one of the awesome things in the world. Yet, the hardest part is that they can not let us know if something troubles them. If you love your pet, their worries become yours. So, it is better to attend to their problems as soon as possible. 

You can lookout for the following symptoms in your pets: 

  • Aggressive behavior 
  • Defecating and urinating everywhere 
  • Increased panting and drooling 
  • Restlessness 

Most of these symptoms can be due to occasional anxiety attacks. But if any of these are recurrent, it is advisable to seek help. 

Another common consequence is destructive behavior. It destroys the owner-pet bonding and can have disastrous effects on the pet. 

How to treat anxiety in pets? 

Approaches work differently for pets. Some of them that can effectively help relieve your pet’s anxiety: 

  • Training and behavioral therapy 
  • Medication that can alleviate anxiety 
  • Treating anxiety with marijuana 

You might be aware that CBD is an effective cure for pet anxiety. When you hear someone saying “marijuana for pets,” you must know that they are talking about CBD. Unlike THC from cannabis, CBD is hemp-derived and has no psychoactive effects. 

Do the other cannabis compounds work the same for anxiety in pets? For instance, considering delta-9, the psychoactive compound can be toxic for pets in small amounts. The Animal poison control center reported a significant increase in pets consuming marijuana from 2018-to 2019. With that, we need a compound that is non-toxic, effective, and safe for pets. 

So, can delta-8 be that compound? Let us look at what delta-8 is and how it can help anxiety in pets. 

Delta-8 for pets

To put it simply, Delta-8 is a less psychoactive form of delta-9. Also, delta-8 is legal at a federal level. How? 

Cannabis, the source of delta-9 THC, contains several other compounds. Delta-8 is one of these compounds present in minute amounts in the marijuana plant. Thus, delta-8 used for commercial purposes is hemp-derived as extraction from cannabis can be expensive. 

Being a hemp-derived compound, delta-8 is less toxic, equally effective, and safe for use. 

Delta-8 products for killing anxiety in pets 

Delta-8 works by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. It enhances the levels of anandamide and produces feelings of pleasure and relaxation. 

Let us look at the delta-8 products that you can use for helping your pets with anxiety. 

  • Delta-8 oils and tinctures 

Probably oils and tinctures are the popular delta-8 products. Delta-8 infused oils come in convenient dropper bottles. They make it easy for you to feed your pets. 

Oils and tinctures are immediate in action and provide relief fast. They can stop panting and restlessness in dogs. Also, some say that delta-8 oils can regulate salivary secretion by activating the endocannabinoid system. 

  • Delta-8 treats 

Pets love treats. Delta-8-infused treats are tasty and flavorful. Pet owners say that they are easy to use as pets love them. They come in a variety of pet-favorite flavors like chicken and beef. In addition, anxiety can cause nausea and vomiting in pets. Delta-8 acts on cannabinoid receptors and reduces the feelings of nausea.  

They are less effective than oils and tinctures but can help if your pets start showing destructive behavior. Owners use delta-8 treats to control their dogs and make them feel at ease. 

Also, pets with separation anxiety do not get along with new caretakers. These treats are a way for caretakers to get close to these pets. 

  • Delta-8 healing balms 

Healing Balms and salves have therapeutic effects and are suitable for treating pain and inflammation. 

Anxiety causes restlessness and changes in behavior. Pets become more active and may injure themselves at times. It can lead to pain and inflammation in these areas. 

Delta-8 balms come in handy in situations like these. 

How to buy delta-8 products for your pets? 

While delta-8 products can be healthy for your pet’s anxiety, there are a few things you need to know before buying them. 

With vendors popping up everywhere, the number of contaminated products is increasing. Before buying delta-8 products, look out for these things in them: 

  • Third-party lab tested 
  • Extracted using the CO2 method 
  • Made with only natural ingredients and is 100% contaminant-free
  • Non-GMO 

If the product has all these features, you can proceed with it. 

The bottom line 

The cannabinoid system is more complicated in animals than in humans. Thus, even small amounts of toxic substances can have immense effects. 

Most of the products are not science-backed. It is crucial to be careful before your choose a product. If you are not sure, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before giving delta-8 to your pets.  

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