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Is a Scrum Product Owner Certificate enough nowadays?

Scrum Product Owner

by Rajdeep Basu

A corporate environment demands a diverse and flexible workforce that is able to adapt and respond to any challenges thrown at it. In a Scrum framework, members who are able to perform multiple roles simultaneously are always going to be valued higher compared to their peers. Even though Scrum Product Owner courses remain one of the most popular choices for certification there is a way to get the best of both worlds. A POPM training combines both the work of a Scrum Product Owner as well as a Project manager to give the employees a wider skill set that empowers them to tackle product-related tasks with ease and flexibility.


What is POPM?

Product Owner/Product Manager courses are based on the Scrum team model that helps Product Owners and Managers to operate under the Agile Release Train. The certification is provided by Scaled Agile Inc. specifically to those who have completed the requisite two-day course and passed the subsequent examinations.


The POPM Course should be taken from an affiliated Scaled Agile trainer. The course is two days long and teaches you about the Scaled Agile Framework, the Lean-Agile principles and values, the roles and responsibilities of POPM professionals, and how to approach Agile/Lean thinking with a customer-centric perspective.


Once you have completed the course you can then appear for the examination. The exam is not very difficult, even though it is a closed book online test. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes where you have to answer 45 different multiple-choice questions. There are two passing grades. Answering 33 out of 45 questions certifies you as an SSM 4 PO/PM, while a score of 34 out of 45 and above secures you the certification of SSM 5 PO/PM.

Benefits to doing a POPM Training:

There are several benefits that a POPM training provides you over a normal Product Owner certification:


  • Validates Your Knowledge: The primary benefit of any certification course is that it validates the experience and knowledge that you have learned from completing the course. The certification proves to your employers that you are a competent professional who possesses the skills that they require from you.


  • Upgrades Your Career: By doing this course, you have a wider skill set compared to the average Product owner. This is able to secure you a lot of new jobs which are more valuable. Now you can earn even higher salaries than before because of your diverse expertise and ability to perform multiple roles. Reaching this position also allows you access to more networking opportunities.



  • Expands Your Skill With Scrums: Such courses teach a lot of in-depth material about Scrum teams, Agile thinking, and the Scaled Agile Framework that are invaluable in your journey as a part of a Scrum Team. Learning this information gives you an edge over your contemporaries in how you can tackle products and customers.



With all these benefits, why just stop at a Product owner? A CSPO certification in newyork is the perfect addition to your resume!

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