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IELTS: An Overview with writing module in brief

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IELTS is a globally standardized, accepted English proficiency test.Learning English is not an overnight task, one has to show patience if really want to grow skills in this language. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for non-native speakers. For this, aspirants need guidance where they get tips and tricks to improve their skills and those tricks they will get from IELTS institutes.

Native speakers and non-native speakers

Native speakers are those who use English as their mother tongueand non-native speakers do not use it as a first language. Non-native speakers have a betterEnglish language learning process than native ones because they deeply studies concepts from scratch and made mistakes and correct them. And one more reason to this is that, they did not study this language when they were child instead they learn it in with mature mind so they can easily comprehend concepts.

IELTS writing tasks- Academics

This module consists of two tasks: diagram, graph, and table, etc. and Essay

Task 1:Task 1 comprises of diagrams, graphs, tables or charts. In this, aspirants need to write a summary of at least 150 words from the given visual information.

Task 2:Task 2 consists of essay in which student has to write in at least 250 words.

In both tasks, word limit canbe exceeded up to 180 words and 280 words for task 1

As discussed above, Task 1 comprises of diagrams, graphs, tables or charts. You will need to select the major features and describe and compare the data provided and will have to complete your summary in 150 -180 words.

IELTS writing task 1 is difficult to attempt for the candidates, sometimes they are unable to understand the graph or chart.For this, candidates need special tips and tricks to understand the language that they get from IELTS institutes near me.

IELTS writing task 2 is the second part of the writing module where an essay is given to the candidates. The time allotted for this task is 40 minutes and the word limit is at least 250 words. Candidates can exceed this word limit up-to 280 words.

IELTS writing task 1 is different in IELTS Academic and IELTS GT. In IELTS academic question is given in the form of chart, graph, or diagram and in IELTS GT question is in the form of a letter. But task 2 is same in both.



IELTS GT is another type of English language proficiency test that is opted by the candidates who want to migrate to foreign land for permanent settlement.

In this test Listening and speaking test is the same in both modules but there are differences in writing and reading section.

This is just a brief of thewriting task, for more information, you can visit our website. There you will get all information related to IELTS writing Tasks with sample questions. Just search out IELTS institute near me and you will be directed to our page. Also, you can visit our branch Western Overseas, the best IELTS Institute in Ambala.

ALL the best for your journey!

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