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How To Trademark A Name

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How To Trademark A Name

How to trademark a name: Your business has a name, and it also has to have its identifiable logo to build a visual representation of your brand. The logo needs to precisely express your company’s market specialty and brand identity. 

It should be sufficiently distinctive to distinguish your firm from the competitors. As your brand name and logo (blog name) are part of your brand name and your company’s DNA, it is necessary to file for the registration of both copyrights and trademark a name.

Surely your company’s name or logos must not be registered for copyright and trademark. The copyright in the U.S. applies when you put an original work on a paper or computer disc and when you use your name and logo to advertise your company you obtain a trademark. 

However, both of you can take the additional step to register. You are protected from losing your rights to the registration of this trademark when some other firm uses the same or very similar name. You declare exclusive rights to your company line by registering your trade name.

You do not need to register trademark a name when you run a small online company in which you operate in one Member State and don’t aim to expand into other markets. Your market is already entitled to utilize it. 

On the other hand, it would be good to register the trademark if you planned to grow your business, explore other ways to make money, and reach out to new areas so that you would not have confusion if another firm uses the same or similar name.

You have to safeguard it if you establish a blog and design a new logo. You just create a trademark when it comes to registering your logo. Since your logo recognizes your consumers and separates you from your rivals, you create a visual representation of your brand.

A trademark offers additional protection, however, as it stops anyone from copying your logo or from using your logo.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to trademark a name, how to copyright a name, how to trademark a business name, how to register a trademark, trademark company name, how to patent a name, etc. continue reading to Know more about trademark.

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Importance Of Trademark And Copyright?

You must register your company name and develop your logo whenever you build a site. You can at that time pursue registration of copyrights and trademarks, as this protects your name and logo from breaches.

You need to safeguard your intellectual property rights and guarantee that your concept and logo design is not stolen from another firm, the main notion of copyright and mark.

Both copyrights and trademarks provide you a great option to avoid using your unique ideas as someone else’s property. That is the most essential advantage they provide you without question.

Trademarks will never expire since you will identify your firm through trademarks as long as you use them on the commercial market to identify the source of your items or services. It is a great instrument for communicating the image of your organization as well as your products or services to clients quickly. It is a highly effective tool.

Trademarks provide far greater protection than copyright, however, for the protection of logos, copyright is very essential. Please read the difference between the two in-depth to grasp their relevance and their influence on your organization more clearly.

What Is A Trademark?

What Is A Trademark

A mark is any term, phrase, symbol, or design used to identify a producer or seller from others operating in the same industry and offering the same products or services. This implies that you may enter a mark for your company name, logo, slogan, symbol, design, and any other element that would add to your firm’s brand identification and its products or services. 

Your trademark is used to inform others that the products, name, and logo of your firm are your own. In connection to your services or goods, you have the sole right. The colors and designs of logos, however, do not include a trademark, as it does not protect against unauthorized reproduction. 

It relates solely to parallels between the brand of the firm and other commonalities. It, therefore, refers not to the uses of the logo but to the market misunderstanding which restricts the uses infringed by the logo. 

This indicates that someone else uses a similar logo design, not trademark violations, but infringements of copyright. Using your trademark simply doesn’t protect you from using your name or design against anyone in the same business, but you do register a trademark business name.

For someone who uses your company’s name or design, you will need to demonstrate first that it was arrived at, which is not feasible if you did not register it. You have no legal protection in the event of a lawyer without registering your trademark. 

The federal and legal registration of your brand trademark. If someone else wishes to register your same or similar name or design, they are responsible for the infringements of the trademark this is the entire process of trademark my logo.

What Is Copyright?

What Is Copyright

Copyright safeguards creative works, such as books, music, photographs, films, choreographies, and others manifested physically in an original work of authorship.

Firms may duplicate their audio, video, books, and reports as well as all other original works, such as their logo design, by copyright. It should be noted that at the time it was created every original work is copyrighted.

But recording it prevents it from being used for your ends by someone else, as you then have a document to demonstrate your claim to it. You can sue someone for using your property if someone attempts to steal and uses your unique invention such as your logo – but only if you have a copyright registration.

You may verify exactly how your intellectual property is utilized, published and distributed, and how it is presented to the public if you have a federally registered copyright. You can also prohibit someone from exploiting it to their ends.

You can sue them in a federal court if someone tries to do so because you asserted your right to intellectual property under copyright. There’s now a technique for protecting your logo copyright. Your logo must have the necessary degree of inventiveness to be copyrightable and authorized for your copyright application. 

Many basic logos are thus not deemed copyrightable since your logo design, colors, and name are not protected by copyright. You find it easier to have your copyright registered if your logo is somewhat more creative or decorative.

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How To Get Trademark A Logo Or A Name?

how to trademark a name

How to trademark my name: To make sure no one else already uses a comparable one, you must do a trademark search before trademarking a name or logo. You can do so by using the tool, which you can access on the official website of the United States Patent and Mark Office called the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

The TESS database is essential for doing a trademark search since it can discover possible conflicts with a company’s current trademark or a mark for which permission is pending. This step is crucial, so that’s why it’s wise if you reach out to a trademark lawyer so he can help you with the details and save you money to file for a registration that cannot be accepted if it is too close to a trademark.

You must submit a trademark application via the trademark electronic application system once you have done your trademark search (TEAS). You will be given a form to complete—after you select which application is correct for you.

One of three application forms can be selected: TEAS Plus, TEAS Reduced, or TEAS Regular.

Furthermore, for at least one class of items or services, you will also be required to pay an extra $50 filing cost if you pick the ‘Temptation to Use basis’ (ITU) in your request.

You will receive a confirmation email when your registration has been submitted. An attorney who determines whether or not your request satisfies all of the legal conditions necessary for trademark authorization will examine your application around three months after you submit your applications that’s how to trademark a name.

The status of your application should be monitored every 3-4 months. This is possible through the Status and Recovery of Marks (TSDR) this is the whole process of how to get a trademark.

Why Hiring A Third Party To Trademark Your Name Or Logo?

Because everybody doesn’t know how to trademark a named procedure of trademarking may become very difficult. It takes a lot of studies and even then you probably will make several blunders. Fortunately, an alternate option exists.

You simply can locate a firm that can manage this procedure in your name from start to end if you don’t have time or patience to do it all.

It is fully legal and transparent and you will not have to pay until you receive the trademarks that you truly need.

Process Of Trademark Approvals

How to trademark a name approval works: Upon requesting your application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office searches the database of its trademark to examine the availability of the mark you wish to register. You will be promptly informed of the findings. 

They will deny registration and will earn no rebate on your expenses if they have the identical trademark as the one you are trying to register for a trademark. When your application has been approved by an examining attorney, you will authorize your trademark for publishing in the weekly magazine “Official Gazette” at the United States Patent and Mark Office. 

Those who believe that their registration may have harmed their mark can file an objection to the registration or a petition for an extension of the opposition period within 30 days of the date of publication. 

If such cases arise, the objection shall be held before the Administrative Tribunal, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (TTAB). If there are no results for the opposing party which submitted it, or if no opposition is filed, the trademark registration of your company is authorized and the United States Patent and Trademark Office shall provide you with a certificate of registration.

You must maintain your registration since you have to inform the United States Patent and Trademark Office that your trademark is in use. You will need to file appropriate maintenance papers once your trademark registration has been authorized. 

If this is not done, the cancellation or expiry of your trademark will occur. It also lasts 10 years, but between the 5th and 6th years of its registration and the 9th and 10th years from the time it is registered, it must always be verified to prove it remains in use that’s how to trademark a name process work.


  • A design of the brand, exactly as the mark is used commercially in color (if appropriate).
  • The trademark owner’s name, address, and e-mail address.
  • The registration cost.
  • The product or company identifying the trademark with documentation that the trademark of your firm is utilized in trade.
  • The signature of the owner.

Enforcing Your Trademark And Copyright Rights

Legal Procedure of how to trademark a name: You must be responsible for ensuring that your trade name or logo is protected against illegal adoption or replication by any other individual once you have registered your trademark and copyright.

While you will guarantee that no one registers the same or appearing identical mark that you are, the United States Patent and Trademark Office is to ensure that you defend the rights to the intellectual property of your firm when anybody tries to use it. 

To safeguard your trademark from infringement, you have two legal choices. You may issue a letter of cease-fire or decide to file infringement proceedings on a trademark. Some businesses can help you create a “brand watch” to make sure that no other party tries to utilize the mark of your company. 

You may also engage an attorney to see if the infringement of a trademark is carried out to inform and advise you on how to get the protection you need. Many individuals prefer to recruit an attorney to aid them with the full procedure of copyright and get a trademark right

But it isn’t just essential, but it isn’t necessary since you can do everything yourself. Although you will surely be helped with the examination attorney’s office with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the process of filing your marking request, you might profit from employing your registrar if there is a requirement. 

If you elect to engage a private trademark lawyer before apply for a trademark application, you will not get a communication from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with your lawyer until your application is completed.

A private trademark attorney may also assist you as to how the rights of your trademarks in the case of trademark infringement should be enforced.



Though your intellectual property can be protected by both copyrights and trademarks, they offer various forms of protection since they cover distinct categories of assets. A copyright protects the work of literature and art, whereas a trademark focuses more on the protection of products that define and identify a brand, such as a logo. 

The assets of your firm are not only your money. They also comprise intellectual property that may enhance the value of your firm, therefore you need to safeguard your property rights so that a third party does not exploit them without authorization Copyright. You are protected by copyright and trademarks therefore you need both to register and to ensure that you safeguard your brand Copyright.

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