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How to see who are your subscribers on YouTube channel

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If you’re a beginner video blogger and don’t know how to watch your followers on YouTube, this post is for you. In one of our previous posts, we have already reviewed some resources that allow you to see the followers of any channel of interest on YouTube in real time. In the last piece we talked about such useful online resources as: livesubs.ru, realsubs.ru, realtimesubcount.com and seezislab.com. In today’s post, we’ll look at another useful and popular resource, but about that a little later. Before that, we should probably tell you how you can see the number of subscribers on any channel without using any third-party services or any counters. To see this figure is very simple. To do this, you have to go to the channel of interest. Let’s show by the example of the popular video blogger Vilsakom (see the picture below).

The channel page has a lot of different information. This includes the channel’s header, main menu, search, and videos themselves. Just above the main menu (on the left) you’ll see the avatar and the channel name in big letters. Below the name will be the number of subscribers (arrow in the picture). As we can see, Vilsacom has over 4.6 million of them. You have to agree, that’s an impressive number.

Want to check how many fans your channel already has? If it’s not enough yet, we recommend that you contact us at SocPRka immediately. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the number of subscribers on your channel increases. Besides subscribers, we also provide other useful services for increasing the popularity of your channel on YouTube. If you decide to add views, likes or subscribers to YouTube through https://lowcostsmm.com, you will always know how many and at what time participants you had. You may, for example, place an order for views, increase the number of likes and comments. Interested? Then get in touch with our employees in any convenient way: by online form, by mail or by phone. Let’s return to viewing subscribers. To do this, you need to log in to your account. After that:

  • Click on your profile photo in the top right corner.
  • Next, go to the creative studio as shown in the top image.
  • In the creative studio itself, you will see a menu on the left. Click on the menu item called: “Community” (see 1 in the screenshot below).
  • A submenu will open with the third item called “Subscribers”. He is exactly what we need. Click on it (2).
  • Here will be all your subscribers, or rather, only those who have made information about their subscriptions available.

So, this figure may not reflect the actual number of your fans, but you will have an idea about the popularity of your channel.


Now it’s time to consider the site we talked about at the very beginning of this publication. It’s a resource for monitoring online YouTube channel subscribers – socialblade.com. This is quite a functional site where you can watch online statistics not only on YouTube, but also accounts in other social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram.

So, go to socialblade.com. You will immediately see that this is an English-language resource, but it does not stop it from being quite easy and clear to use. Right there on the main page, you will see a special field where you have to enter the name of the user of a particular social network. This method will not give you information about changes in the number of subscribers online. So you have to go to the menu item called: “Livecounts / Realtime” (1 above). This will be the real-time subscriber tracking. Now, on the page that opens, you need to select the subsection directly related to YouTube (see 2 above).


Click on Youtube Live. The system sends us to the page where the YouTube subscriber counter is installed. By default, this page will display some random channel, but we need a specific one. In order to enter the channel of interest, you need to click on the little button next to the name of the random channel. The image below shows this button.

Click – a window pops up asking whose counter online you would like to see. Now be careful! In the suggested field, enter the name of the channel, not a link to it. If you enter a link, it will not work. You’ve entered the name (we entered the Nemagia channel), clicked on the arrow near the entry field, and that’s it – you’re on the counter page in real time. By the way, there is already an article on socprka.ru about the channel we chose as an example. If you want to read it, you can go to the address above.

How to attract an audience and what niches are not occupied: tips for promoting your YouTube channel

The new issue of the special project “Ask about Google ads” will tell in detail about the creation and monetization of content on YouTube. Representatives of the Russian office of Google answered the most topical and frequent questions of Sostav readers on this topic.

Despite the impressive list of video bloggers with millions of subscribers, it is not difficult to launch a channel and occupy a niche, explains the head of Google Key Creators Victoria Kayuchkina and YouTube affiliate program director in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS Yuri Khazanov.

Step 1: Create your channel on YouTube

Research agency Flamingo and Google conducted a survey of Internet users in 18 countries and conducted in-depth interviews with experts in the field of culture, media, branding and technology to analyze the role of YouTube in people’s lives. According to the results, 84 percent of Russian respondents believe that YouTube opens up new talents and helps people prove themselves. Everyone can find answers on video hosting, as well as try to become an author.

If you want to create your own channel, we advise to make several preparatory steps:

  • Think through the concept of the channel;
  • Determine which audience you want to reach;
  • Make a schedule for filming;
  • Decide on the design of the channel.

The best way to figure out what you want to achieve is to analyze how other creators work. See what you like about their work and what you’d like to do differently is an effective source for inspiration. Turn to Captain smm – https://captainsmm.com to add 100, 1000 subscribers, views or likes for any of the social networks – YouTube, Instagram TikTok and others.

Whether you’re planning to create your own YouTube channel or want to take your existing one to the next level, Academy for Authors will help you achieve your goal. By taking this free course, you’ll learn how to turn ideas into videos, increase subscriber loyalty, and monetize your channel without breaking community rules.

If you want to explore the issue in more detail, the videos on the experimental Creator Insider channel, launched by our colleagues from the YouTube team, will help you. It contains videos that look in detail at the technical features of working with YouTube, as well as announcing innovations on the video hosting that are relevant to creators.

Step 2: Find your niche

According to research by GfK, CINT and SSI, 30% of users access YouTube in search of content not available anywhere else. According to this indicator, the video hosting surpasses platforms such as Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, ivi.ru and Channel One.

The more content and authors appear on YouTube, the harder it is to find a niche and create a unique product. We have gathered a few topics that we think are worth looking at:

  • DIY;
  • Training;
  • Careers (how to interview, tips from companies and candidates);
  • Content for parents;
  • Games (formats related to new games).

YouTube is not just an entertainment platform. Through content on the video hosting site, people learn new things, express themselves and share their opinions on a variety of issues. If you meet the needs of the audience in the area close to your heart, success will not be long in coming.

Step 3: Promote your channel

Start by looking at your YouTube Analytics reports to see how often your users are on your channel and what videos they’re watching. There you’ll also find out from which sources users come to your channel and which ones work best. Make more videos that look like popular ones so users see them in recommendations.

A few tips:

  • Create a download schedule and stick to it. This way your audience will know when to expect new videos;
  • Produce videos in popular formats – challenge, rankings, contests, or invite famous people for interviews;
  • If you’re making a series of videos, add a call to each video to see other videos;
  • Combine videos into playlists. Promote them in cues with links and in your end screensavers;
  • Hold viewers’ attention and motivate them to come back to the channel. If your videos are watched longer, they’re more likely to pop up in user recommendations;
  • Promote your channel with an advertising campaign on YouTube.

Use TrueView video ads for paid content promotion. For example, the gadgets and accessories store iCases.ru has been actively developing its YouTube channel since 2016. The store promotes videos that were viewed by more than 10% of the channel’s subscribers in the first 24 hours using the TrueView Discovery format.

These ads allow you to show banners in the video with a link to the audience that is watching the relevant content. This makes it possible to reach new users with similar interests. Each iCases.ru review includes a link to the online store, as well as a unique promo code for additional tracking of conversions.

In two years the number of subscribers to the store’s YouTube channel has grown sevenfold, and the number of orders placed by YouTube users on the site has increased several times. Read more about iCases.ru’s approach to developing its YouTube channel at Think with Google.

Step 4: monetize your channel

When your channel becomes popular, you can join the YouTube Affiliate Program and start making money from your content. You can get income from showing ads in your videos, as well as from paid YouTube Premium subscriptions.

To start making money from ads, you need to:

  • Link your channel to your AdSense account. This way we can send you the money we earn;
  • To learn advertising formats and content you can monetize;
  • Choose to monetize through display ads in the Creative Studio;
  • Check if your videos comply with YouTube’s monetization rules and check the box that confirms this. If any of your videos don’t meet the requirements, disable ads in each of them separately.

What else do I need to know about creating and monetizing content on YouTube?

How to work with live streaming

YouTube Live streaming is a great way to interact with your viewers in real time and helps you expand your channel’s audience, among other things. This format is suitable for sharing impressions, expressing your opinion about some events and news, as well as making contact with viewers.

Don’t forget that you have to prepare for the broadcast:

  • Determine the purpose of the broadcast;
  • Make a plan;
  • If necessary, invite a co-host.

To get as many viewers as possible to join the broadcast, you need to advertise it-at least tell them about the upcoming broadcast on your channel and in social networks.

If monetization is enabled on your channel, you can add ads to your live broadcasts, and you can also enable Superchat. With it, fans will be able to leave paid comments in your broadcast chats. Such messages will be highlighted in color and fixed at the top of the chat for a certain period of time.

The creators of the YouTube channel MyFroggyStuff (1.9 million subscribers) hold live broadcasts every Friday during which users can ask them any questions. According to the authors, this format has the highest engagement rate, with up to 15,000 comments per broadcast. That’s more than all the videos released on the channel in a week.

How much blogger content on YouTube is watched on average

The length of time content is viewed depends largely on the format and the specific author. For example, on This is Good the average duration of videos is about 10 minutes. Whereas the VDud channel, for example, has a longer video format of about an hour.

Does YouTube produce its own content?

Google has been investing in content since 2012. Over the past two years, it has created more than 50 so-called YouTube Originals – new movies and series from popular YouTube creators. On the eponymous channel, you can watch all the latest series and movies that the YouTube team has created. In many countries, including Russia, a paid subscription YouTube Premium has already been launched. It gives users access to YouTube Originals content.

How to fight viewer fraud

YouTube has some serious rules about views. A YouTube view is when a user intentionally plays a video on a viewer page or embedded player using a mobile device, TV or computer. If the video is played automatically or for a fee, however, the viewing does not count.

There are really a lot of companies on the market that promise views for a certain budget. Such actions – we call them buying views or scamming – are strictly forbidden. The only traffic boosting service you can trust is TrueView Video Ads.

If you are going to turn to a vendor for paid content promotion, be sure to find out where the videos will be promoted and how transparent the statistics will be.


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