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How to Keep Kids Busy Without Screen Time

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Most parents feel a pang of guilt when they put their children in front of the television, iPad, or phone. However, there are instances when we need to get things done. We must clean the house, prepare food, or simply take a few moments for ourselves. Other than that, it’s challenging to think of anything else that could keep a child occupied long enough to get anything done.

However, there are alternatives. True, they need a little more time and planning than simply setting your child in front of a computer, but encouraging your youngster to do something positive may be well worth the extra effort. In this article, you will read a few tips about how to keep kids away from screens and keep them busy in some productive activities.

  • Hula Hoops

Hula hoops not only keep youngsters entertained for hours, but they also keep adults entertained for hours until they master the spin. It’s enjoyable to get your kids involved in entertaining fitness activities from a young age, as this improves their fitness and stamina, allowing them to perform better in other sports that need high endurance and agility.

  • Board Games

Everyone in the family can enjoy playing board games. Most board games, like scrabble, jumble words, and crosswords, are competitive and demand a lot of strategy. In these kinds of games, kids need to utilise their imagination and strategic thinking, but at the more challenging stages, they can use aids like word generators, which swiftly determine all the words that could be made with any random alphabet and help players win.

  • Outdoor Games

Remember how your folks kept you occupied? Give your youngster a ball and a stick and let him or her loose. If you’re concerned about their safety, simply keep an eye on them. They’re going to be fine. Send your children on an exciting scavenger hunt and let them run free in the backyard in addition to regular sports. The more your children will spend some time outside, the more relaxed they will get in mind.

  • Indoor Gardening

There is always time for gardening! Whether it be the winter months when plants need to stay warm or if you are looking forward to summertime, indoors can provide an opportunity. Keep your kids busy by giving them some indoor tasks such as planting potting soil with seeds inside of pots or similar activities when they are not in school. there will still be something new every day. 

You can use indoor grow tents that allow people to grow a little nursery inside their house in some outer space to grow peacefully. These are available in various themes like for certain plants, birds, or bugs. Kids will enjoy the opportunity to explore and be close to mother nature in this way..

  • Table Tennis Match

Table tennis is a popular indoor sport that most children nowadays are familiar with. The best part is that you don’t even need a table tennis table; you can convert any table into a table tennis table with just a roll net. Try using your dining table and allowing your children to participate in a game every evening. Not only table tennis, but indoor games like carrom, cards, can also help kids in diverting their minds away from screens.

  • Small Science Experiments

Allow your children to explore the world. Allow them to investigate an object or their surroundings after teaching or showing them something about it. Two examples are giving them a magnet and instructing them to see what sticks, or giving them a bucket of water and instructing them to see what floats and what sinks.

  • Gardening and planting

Children get excited when it comes to gardening or growing new plants. You must provide your child with a few plants to look after. On the windowsill, they may cultivate a herb garden or a few flowers. Allow them to water their plant every day, and ask them to check on it whenever you have a few minutes. They’ll be completely absorbed in their task. But to ensure that their work doesn’t go all for nothing, make sure to use grow lights to help the plants grow inside

  • Reading Books

Children’s books might provide the necessary distraction for your child. There are numerous advantages to reading to youngsters or having your child read on his or her own. It’s the best way to boost their imagination and challenge them to conjure up their own mental ideas. Books are perfect for all youngsters if you’re searching for an activity to inspire curiosity and support brain development. 

Books featuring rhyme, rhythm, or repetition are popular with babies and toddlers. Older youngsters have the ability to acquire new words and absorb a vast amount of knowledge. It is also one of the screen-free hobbies that allow parents to have some quiet time.


These are a few effective tips that will help your kids stay away from screens and do some interesting activities. Also, if you’re cleaning, have your kids tidy their rooms as well. Not only will you have more time to accomplish your job, but your children will learn that they, too, have a part in keeping the house. These tips are surely going to get better results.

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