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How to improve health take care of older aged population?

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It has been observed that by the year 2030, most of the Americans will be over the age of sixty five years. It is going to be an issue of serious concern as the medical system is not prepared to handle the complex issues of older America population. Many are suffering from complex issues like diabetes and also a large section is suffering from loneliness and depression. It is amazing to see that many older Americans have even started playing casino games from the comfort of their home. It was something which the younger generation preferred to play. also check: https://www.phs.co.uk

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It has been observed that by the year 2018, around 15% of the Americans was over 65 years of age. By the year 2020, this figure touched 20% of the population. In the year 2018, around 23% of this population belonged to other racial and Hispanic groups. By the year 2030, this number is expected to grow higher than what it is now. 

Though most people describe the older generation as fragile, down with multiple diseases, but there are many who are quite intelligent and fit even in the tenth decade of their life. 

In this article, some vital directions need to be provided by the Medical Association for taking care of older Americans in the near future. Let us discuss them one by one. 

To create an efficient and adequate workforce

A qualified and robust workforce needs to be created by giving proper training on various healthcare subjects. Students can be encouraged through different schemes like forgiveness of loan, scholarships and internships in different places which are of course, paid. A well-trained workforce can cater to the problems of this over aged American population. This should be one of the most important factors in making a strategic plan on this subject. 

Role of public health should be strengthened

The government must arrange fund and provide resources to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention. Then looking and taking care of the aged and the old should be made an essential part of public health policy. This initiative should be seen at every level, federal, state  and also local level. Such level of participation across all levels is very essential to improve the public health care of the old and aged Americans. In such case, the flow of fund should come from the top Federal to the state and then to the down local level. This policy needs time to be implemented and should be ready by the time the percentage of older Americans increase to a great extent. The planning should be made at the Centralized level and the fruits of the planning should percolate first to the state and then to the local level. 

Initiative to be made to remove the inequalities and the disparities

Since a major portion of the older Americans are from the other Hispanic and religious groups, certain level of inequality in treatment can be expected from the rank and file involved in the system. So a central Committee needs to be formed at every level to see such complaints regarding disparities need to be addressed on an urgent basis since the factor involved here is healthcare and the affected group is none but the older generation of people. The committee must ensure that the structural, social and economic obstacles are removed on an immediate basis. These groups must also see that social isolation of older Americans should not be there and federal and the state must ensure that this problem of isolating them must be handled with strict terms. A proper coordination among the government and different agencies is very much required in order to achieve this goal. 

Develop new ideas for care delivery

The government should take some initiative in making a balance of payment for older aged population in case of remote care and direct physical care. You must understand that not all older aged population are financially well off and it is not possible for each one of them to pay hefty bills. So, many of them may opt for remote physical care when actually direct physical care is necessary. A strong medical and financial planning is necessary in this regard to integrate the tele-health facility with the existing evidence based medical practice methods. Innovation and increase in access to medical facilities is very important and this should be encouraged very much to have an effect in the long run. There are some diseases like bone fracture which may need direct physical care and things may not work out well with tele-health facility in such cases. 

Resources should be allocated for palliative care and end of life care

The government must expand the access of older aged population to palliative care and end of life care. Dementia care, serious illness care models and any other evidence based treatment which focus on the quality of life, should be given utmost priority and importance. The patient should be given free access to such programs based on his or her need. If proper care is not taken, the patient may not survive and his life may come to an end. 

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