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How To Get a Job on an Oil Rig?

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Working on an oil rig is a tough job, and not everywhere has the willpower to do it. It requires a lot of strength and determination, but the ones who manage to get their job done are the real winners. 

If you’re looking for a job concerning oil construction or drilling, this article is tailored to the information you require to know more about this profession. An oil rig is the best place to carry out oil construction or drilling tasks. Because of the professional setting, workers complete their duties timely and properly. One of the tasks carried out is taking oil from underground structures by underground welding.

Sounds interesting, right? Now, are you curious to know how people get a job on an oil rig? Don’t worry! Stay with us, and we’ll ensure you learn all about an oil rig and how you can easily score a good job. 

Learn about an Oil Rig

First, let’s look at what an oil rig is before moving on. An oil rig is a machine used for drilling holes into the earth’s surface to extract oil. It could be a bus, drilling apparatus, or even a welding carriage. The main function of the machine should be oil extraction. An oil rig is present in various locations such as land, desert, or oceans. The professionals spend their time extracting oil from offshore wells through welding and digging techniques. It is ideal to have a small-sized oil rig because it’s easier to move it from one place to another.

Work Environment on an Oil Rig

Since the oil rigs need to work on both the land and the sea for carrying out drilling and extraction tasks, the workers have to take proper safety and security measures, making sure not to injure themselves. 

Oil drilling is frequently done at night, and experts in this area may perform 12-hour shifts on a rotational basis. They might, for example, work for 12 hours and then relax for another 12 hours. This cycle continues for the duration of their shifts, which are typically several weeks long.

They also have to commute according to the location of the oil rig. Wherever the oil rig is placed, they have to be there at all costs to fulfill their tasks and duties. They sometimes have to book a hotel near their workplace, so they don’t risk their productivity. 

On the other hand, professionals are required to spend their shifts inside an oil rig machine. Traveling from an oil rig to shore may also require the use of boats or, in rare cases, helicopters.

Onshore work environments can result in a variety of injuries as well as environmental dangers. Anyone operating on an onshore rig should be prepared to encounter potentially hazardous scenarios. The professional worker may be exposed to fire, machinery-related hazards, and exhaustion as a result of long hours of labor.

Here’s how to Get a Job on an Oil Rig

All professions come with a bag of requirements, and the same goes for getting jobs in oil rigs. There are many oil rig jobs available in Canada. If someone has a great education and experience, they can easily land on many great career opportunities. If you want to know more, don’t forget to visit the primusworkforce website. Here are some steps to get a good job on an Oil Rig:

Meet the Minimum Standards Needed for Application

Since working on an oil rig is not an easy task, some companies have at least minimum standards which all the workers should meet before applying. They vary from company to company, but the most common ones are: 

  • A person can only apply when they are above 18 years.
  • It’s essential to pass a physical fitness test before starting an oil rig job
  • An individual should have the capacity to manage both day and night shifts

These are just some of the minimum standards that companies have defined. Whoever wants to pursue a career in the oil and gas sector should keep these in mind. 

Complete Knowledge about Oil Fields

Before starting any new job, it is the responsibility of the individual to carefully analyze and study about this certain domain. Similarly, it’s necessary for the workers on an oil rig to find out about related training and course programs. 

To know if working in the oil and gas sector is a good career path or not, a person has to conduct a thorough research. Once they complete their research, they will begin looking at jobs from a different viewpoint. They will start becoming aware of their interests and decide on that basis. 

Career Selection

You can choose a certain career path for yourself when you’ve finished your research about an oil rig and its jobs. The career option will assist you in developing a strategy for landing a job on an oil rig.

Different occupations necessitate various skill sets. As a result, take advantage of the training programs offered by the instructors in your chosen field of employment. A person must be aware of the department in which he or she is employed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of that position.

Get Experience

Getting experience in the field of your choice will help you land a job on an oil rig. Make an effort to enroll in as many training programs as possible that are relevant to your fieldwork. Before applying for a job, ensure that you are completely prepared for it.

Working with a variety of companies in your field will also grant you certificates. Certifications and work experience assist a person in obtaining the desired job opportunity on an oil rig.

According to the employment requirements, many oil businesses require various certificates and expertise. As a result, preparing ahead of time will assist anyone in obtaining the desired position.

Create an Attractive Resume

Before applying, make your best profile and include all of your talents, experience, and education. Because of the talents and abilities listed in your CV, it will assist you in getting the desired position.

In your cover letter, make sure to highlight all of your previous jobs, training programmes, and credentials. Also, include your technical abilities and skills that will assist you in working on an oil rig.

Getting more training

Varying levels of employment necessitate different levels of education and training. Working on an oil rig offers a variety of chances.

And you should receive the most training and education possible to take advantage of one of the best opportunities. Working on an oil rig will also require a BOSIET qualification.

In addition, several degrees will be needed for advancement in the workplace. Engineers, plumbers, managers, and diggers, for example, will have various educational requirements.

Obtain the educational level required for your preferred employment opportunity for this purpose.


You need to follow all the above-mentioned steps if you want to get a job on an oil rig. Although it may seem a little difficult, but it’s not. It’s an amazing career path with many benefits. So if you’re looking for a job in this sector, go for it. All the best!

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