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How to Deal With Stress: The Most Effective Methods

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Many people consider the state of stress, which any person necessarily falls into at different periods of his own life, a completely negative phenomenon, but this is not true. In fact, stress is quite a natural reaction of the body to different situations, in most cases, unfavorable or even extreme. There are several major categories of stress, of which the most common is emotional stress, which is what we will talk about, because each of us necessarily feels its symptoms with enviable regularity, at work and at home.


As long as all this is within the norm, there are no problems, but as soon as the “prolonged jump” begins, that is, the body can’t get rid of stress on its own, we have to look for a way out and ways to cure the problem. Struggling with stress is not as easy as gambling at a Canada online casino, but if desired, everyone can follow some fairly simple recommendations that professional psychologists advise to always remember and apply in practice.

Getting to the Heart of the Problem: Why and How to Deal With Stress

We must understand once and for all that stress is not a terrible monster that lurks around every corner, waiting for you with an ax in hand. It’s a normal reaction of the body to external circumstances or situations. In a stressful situation the blood pressure rises, the consciousness becomes clearer, hormones are actively released into the blood, all forces are mobilized to get out of the “risk zone” as easily and quickly as possible, and most importantly with minimal “losses”.


Any steps should be taken only when the irritating factor is completely removed. In other words, before it is decided to stop the symptoms, it is necessary to eliminate all the factors of stress, otherwise no result will be achieved.


The feeling of anxiety arising under stress is in fact necessary, it is the first sign so that the consciousness will take protective measures. No business, work, trip, vacation, communication with family, friends or loved ones can be done without anxiety, and this is quite normal. The key thing is to learn to keep this anxiety within limits, within reason.


Decreased self-control, loss of self-control, nervous disorders, violent and unnecessarily aggressive reactions to people’s words and actions, all this will definitely not lead to anything good. Severe and prolonged stress can cause hypertension spikes and crises, diabetes, obesity or conversely bulimia, nervous disorders, depression and obsessions, and eventually lead to complete mental and physical exhaustion.


Some “eat” stress with tons of sweets to compensate for the moral damage, others prefer to skip a glass or two of cognac or other alcoholic beverage, some use drugs, but all these methods are excessively cardinal. Moreover, such ways of coping with stress, which do not at all resemble the adequate ones, are themselves dangerous for our physical and psychological health.

Ways to Decrease Stress


Walks in city parks in the morning and evening are excellent for toning the nervous system and restoring strength. Walks last from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Dancing or gymnastics – help to lift your spirits and stimulate your immune system. Every day for 10-15 minutes.


Riding a bicycle or swimming relieves stress and also tone up the nervous system. The duration of the exercise is about 10-15 minutes.


If you wish, you can choose one of the first three points. The chosen method should be followed daily, it is also possible to combine several types of active rest – walking and dancing, gymnastics and swimming. The main conditions are regularity of performance and a healthy sleep at night!

Communication and Entertainment

Communication with a loved one or a psychologist – it is necessary to talk out all the stress! A single open-ended conversation is needed to vent your emotions.

Meetings with friends and family – going to restaurants, cafes and cinemas is great for lifting your spirits and shifting your attention.


Movies, games and music – any of these activities that are available in the home are designed to relax and divert attention.


Of course, stress should be talked about, but one should not dwell on past events. It is also important not to overburden those around you with excessive abuse of other people’s attention.

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