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How To Create A More Organized Workplace

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It is no secret that when you have a clean desk, you’re more productive. If you don’t believe that, then consider that you can more easily find what you need when your desk isn’t cluttered. 

Instead of spending 10 minutes looking for a file, you can easily find it when you have a clean and organized desk. This allows you to get started on your work quickly without any delays. The sames goes for your electronic organisation, keep productive with Tracktime24.com.

Having a messy desk is keeping you back and we will now look at a couple of tips so you can change that. 

1. Place a bin where it can be easily accessed

When you’re at your desk and you can’t easily throw away things, then chances are that you’ll simply place them on your desk. This will create a dirty and messy work area in no time. So, to fix this, keep a trash can within arm’s reach from your desk. 

2. Immediately get rid of garbage

If you have a trash can, you should then train yourself to throw out the trash immediately. Avoid placing any garbage on your desk even if you think you’ll deal with it later. Once you don’t leave any trash on your desk, then you will never have a dirty and cluttered desk. 

3. Every day you should clean your desk at the end of the work day

Just before you end your work day, make sure to look at your work area to see if there is anything you need to fix or clean. Make sure to throw away garbage and clean up any messes or even coffee spills from during the day. 

4. Cleaning should always be a recurring task

The frequency that you need to clean would be dependent on how messy you are. You may need to clean once every few days, week or even a month or quarter. It is important that you regularly clean your desk as this is your responsibility. It will only take a couple of short hours to clean your work area and desk so that it is in perfect working condition. 

5. Avoid eating by your desk

Even though you may want to eat by your desk in order to take up less time eating to increase your productivity, you should avoid doing so. It is important to have a break and your desk shouldn’t be your cafeteria. Try to avoid eating at your desk as much as you can. With that said, if you have tight deadlines, then you may be forced to eat at your desk. However, in the majority of cases, you’ll be able to leave your desk for at least a couple of minutes so you can eat. 

6. Keep your drawers organized

Making sure the surface of your desk is clean is only the beginning. If you have desk drawers that are disorganized and filled with trash, then you still have work to do. Chances are, even if you don’t have trash in your desk drawers, it is still cluttered and disorganized. So, make sure to clean out your drawers and once you do so, create a filing system that works well for you. 

7. Avoid stockpiling

You don’t need to keep stockpiling supplies as you likely would never need 80 pens. Even if your office has lots of products, you don’t need all of them on your desk. So, if you don’t use a stapler, then you shouldn’t have one on your desk. 

When you have a clean and organized desk, this will give you a clear and more focused mind. This will help you to be more productive and the quality of your work will also be much higher.

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