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Hiring a CMO: Looking For The Best Candidate for Your IT Team

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Hiring a CMO

As we mentioned in this blog post, no product or company can survive the 21st century without digital marketing. You cannot reach your ideal customers without promoting your product. You also cannot rely on word of mouth alone. Therefore, it is vital that your company hires a Chief Marketing Officer or CMO. You don’t want your company getting left behind by your competitors who have better marketing tactics.

However, it may be challenging to identify the right person for the job, simply because there are many possible candidates. With many applicants available, how do you identify the best candidate? In no particular order, here are a few things that should appear on an ideal CMO resume.

The candidate must understand technology.

This is an automatic requirement. How can anyone market a particular technology if they do not understand it? The candidate must be updated with the latest tools of marketing. For example, the candidate must be familiar with email marketing tools and customer relationship platforms. Email is important because that is one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients.

Customer relationship platforms on the other hand, are the fastest ways to reach out to clients. The CMO must also know which technologies the company should buy to help the company. And when it comes to the technology the company will be marketing, the CMO must understand its capabilities and limitations. From those two will come the marketing strategy that will be used in the promotion of the technology. 

The candidate must have a thorough understanding of marketing disciplines.

The candidate must know about all the tools of marketing. It can be tools from traditional marketing ways, such as running an ad in newspapers or putting up a billboard. It can also be from digital marketing methods, such as knowing how to leverage social media to attract more followers. The ways will depend on the clients that your company wants to reach and attract or the company’s goals. Candidates must also know how to do them all and understand the purpose of each.

The candidate is customer data driven.

A good CMO candidate loves customer data and understands its importance. This article entitled “What is Data-Driven Marketing” says that the data is acquired through customer interactions and is used to see customers’ preferences and behaviors. The data ultimately tells the CMO how to enhance the customer experience when it comes to the product.

And as we all know, happy customers will keep coming back to the product. Proposing to use data to leverage the company’s marketing strategy is a sign of a good CMO candidate. 

The candidate has to be a forward thinker.

The article “Why Information Technology is a Good Career” says that the Information Technology industry operates at a speed much faster than any other industry. There are always continuous changes and innovations when it comes to cloud, data, cybersecurity, and other branches of IT.  Anyone in the IT field should never stop learning new things and stay on top of the latest trends. That includes the CMO for an IT team. With the world now having technology that continually changes, a CMO must know to change with it as well, not resist change.

A good candidate is one that values innovations and takes risks instead of being afraid of change. They are open to changing how they do things, especially if they know they’ll produce better results. A good CMO candidate is also one that can spot upcoming trends and advantages for the technology they are marketing. They refuse to be caught with their pants down and give ground to the competition. They are determined that the company becomes the trendsetter, rather than being followers.

The candidate must be a good communicator and team player.

Information technology is a team sport. An IT team has different people working together to create products, systems and processes. With that in mind, a CMO must know how to work well with other people. Even if a CMO is a C-level executive, he or she must know how to be part of a team. A CMO should always ask for the input of the team and be willing to listen to everybody involved.

They should also be able to act as the middleman between different parts of the IT team. This is to make sure that any issues are solved, and that there is harmony among the different members. Being a good communicator is key for a CMO, both with customers and the team. Candidates who are loners or don’t like talking to people would not make the best CMOs.

The candidate must be passionate about making the business a success.

A CMO candidate might be great at thinking about different ways and strategies to promote the product. For example, the candidate has a plan to make the product look cool and cutting edge. However, the candidate must also remember two things when it comes to marketing. One end goal of marketing is to gain customers for the company.

The other is to be able to deliver products and services at a profit. And a successful marketing strategy means those two end goals are met. Any candidate concerned more about the marketing strategy alone rather than the end goal is not a good candidate. 

Keep in mind that the CMO has an important job. He or she is in charge of promoting the product and mission of your business. You can’t employ just anybody and expect good results. Hiring the candidate who best understands your business is one of the best ways to make sure you thrive.

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