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We have trouble sleeping, feel listless, get headaches or can’t concentrate – our bodies react strongly to midsummer weather. Eating the right foods on hot days can help us to tolerate the heat better and be able to focus more on 22Bet login.


But often we eat exactly the wrong things and make our condition even worse. These are the things you should avoid:


Eating heavy meals in the evening

When temperatures are high, we often feel no appetite during the day – and then make up for it in the evening when we have a barbecue. But be careful: a high-fat meal in the evening can deprive us of a restful sleep at night. That’s why we should opt for light meals before bedtime, such as rice with vegetables or salad. Here are a few recipe ideas:


Homemade hummus with pita bread.

Summer salads like nizza salad, Greek salad or wild herb salad

Summer rolls with Vietnamese dip


Drink a cold beer

To cool down on hot days, people like to reach for a cold beer, especially after a meal. Alcohol, however, is not a good idea in the heat: It deprives the body of additional water and valuable minerals – and we are more susceptible to circulatory collapse, writes the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA).


So it’s better to drink water: In Germany, tap water is available almost everywhere free of charge and in good quality. Juices are also recommended if they contain little sugar. It’s best to drink them heavily diluted.


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