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What Happens if the Earth Stops Rotating?

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People have always been interested in finding out what will happen to the world and humanity if some kind of catastrophe happens. That’s why Hollywood releases so many films about the end of the world every year. But if you have already watched all these movies, but want to have fun and get a thrill, then you can visit the 22Bet login website.


Today we want to tell you what will happen if the Earth suddenly stops rotating. Let’s study in detail the consequences of this destructive phenomenon.

All Objects Will Fly to the West by Inertia at High Speed

The earth rotates at a tremendous speed, and if it stops, then, according to Stan Odenwall from NASA, all objects will come off the ground and fly towards the west, and then land somewhere near the equator. They will move at an incredible speed of 1600 km/h.

There Will Be Huge Tidal Waves

The force of inertia will cause the formation of huge tidal waves in the oceans. These huge tsunamis will begin to move westward and wipe out all coastal cities from the face of the Earth.

A Hurricane Wind Will Start Blowing

The atmosphere will continue its movement and by inertia will circle the globe several times. The speed of the resulting airflow will be incredibly powerful – more than 1700 km / h. At this moment our planet will likely lose part of its atmosphere.

All the Water on Earth Will Gather Into Two Oceans and a New Continent Will Be Formed

Due to the effect of centrifugal force, water is concentrated near the equator. But due to the sudden stop of the Earth’s rotation, the land and water masses will change places. As a result, two huge oceans will appear at the poles, the land near the equator rises, and a new continent will form that will encircle the entire planet.


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