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Busting Computer Myths With Greenfield’s Computer Repair Technicians

by Alexa
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There are a few popular myths about computer repair that many people hold, much like urban legends. People begin to believe them due to how frequently they have been discussed. Some of these, nevertheless, are untrue. Sometimes, trusting these misconceptions can result in incorrectly diagnosing or handling computer problems. Without addressing the root problem, they might cause further problems.

Even though some of these misconceptions were true in the past, a lot has evolved since then because of developments in computer technology. These truths are no longer valid and turn into myths

In this blog, we have busted these myths with the help of professionals from Greenfield’s computer repair shops. 

Tech VS Fiction – Misconceptions Addressed By Greenfield’s Computer Repair Experts

Computer Technicians Can Only Repair The Failed Part of the Component

When a piece of hardware fails, you must replace the component. Sometimes pc users ask computer repair shop experts to replace a small portion of the component without knowing how the hardware functions.

Of course, not all computer components require this; in some cases, repair technicians can repair the problem area only.

Batteries are Everlasting

Laptop batteries, contrary to popular assumption, are consumable parts. Depending on usage and charging cycles, they survive 2-4 years. Just like the batteries in toys, phones, and other electronics, we can anticipate that these batteries will eventually fail.

Laptop failures can cause them to enlarge, leak corrosive fluids, or even rapidly heat up and catch fire. Therefore, it’s recommended to get that examined by a professional at a computer repair shop  immediately if you get a warning message such as “service battery” or “change battery.”

Before Recharging the Battery in Your Laptop, You Must Drain it

Because laptop batteries are lithium-ion, you can charge them repeatedly without affecting how long they last. Even after several charge cycles, it will keep charging.

Some users think completely discharging a laptop before recharging it would prolong its battery life. There isn’t any evidence to support this, and one can even use the computer with the power wire plugged in the entire time.

Having Many Files Will Make Your PC Sluggish

Do many files slow down your computer? Storing data on your hard drive won’t impact performance, but it will consume storage space. However, having numerous startup apps can decrease your PC’s speed. These apps launch when your computer starts, leading to longer boot times and decreased performance. Check Task Manager’s “startup” page to see how these apps affect your system. You can simplify things by preventing certain apps from starting during boot.

Antivirus Software Will Save Me From Any Computer Viruses

While antivirus software provides some protection against computer viruses and promotes safe web browsing, it is not foolproof. Modern computer viruses are highly advanced and can find ways to infiltrate systems despite having the best antivirus subscription. It can be likened to medical treatment for an illness – it can cure the current condition but doesn’t guarantee permanent immunity. Similarly, antivirus software is undoubtedly beneficial but not always 100% effective.

A Hard Drive Wipe Can Repair Damaged Parts

Formatting a hard drive erases all data and the operating system, leading users to consider this option to fix a damaged hard drive. However, this approach is ineffective. Irreversibly damaged areas called bad sectors cannot be resolved through formatting. While wiping the data on the hard drive is possible, these faulty sectors cannot be specifically “deleted.” 

The only solution is to replace the hard drive. In some cases, disk repair tools may address a few soft bad sectors if the damage is not severe, but it is not a permanent fix. It is merely a temporary solution that allows for further use of the hard drive for about a year before addressing the issue properly.

Visit a Local Computer Repair Shop in Greenfield If you have any more queries or misconceptions, you should visit a locally renowned computer repair shop in Greenfield. Many trusted and reliable computer repair shops operate in the area, like SFE Tech. Their repair experts will fix all your PC issues in a flash!

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