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Four Common Health Problems High School Students Might Face

by Alexa

Although teenagers are the healthiest beings on the planet, they are not prone to health problems. Their bodies have good defensive systems, and they don’t get easily injured or sick, but they are humans. We all are vulnerable to some specific health issues at each stage of our lives. Teenagers have their own issues that should not be ignored, or they can do lifetime damage. Here are some common health problems high school students might face and how you can prevent them. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Their hormones are jumping through the roof, and they still lack mental maturity. They are going to make this one mistake no matter what you do and how many restrictions you put on them. Instead of stopping them, it’s better to guide them. Schools stress a great deal about unprotected sex, but students don’t really take them seriously. 

Learning the same knowledge from a parent or elder brother or sister will ensure they are at least listening. Teenagers are more likely to catch STDs than other adults because they are somewhat desperate and don’t understand the importance of contraception. They should get HIV testing right away if there are doubts. There are also medical ways to prevent these diseases if they are careful and prepared. 


Students have a lot of things to do just in their studies, and they can be competitive even if they don’t show it. They are worried that one mistake in this part of life will destroy their entire future. Most of the time, it’s the fault of the parents that kids feel that. This puts too much pressure on them, and they start to suffer from anxiety and stress. 

Sports Injuries

High school students usually have a craze for sports, even if they are not playing a sport themselves. It’s best to get them into sports as it is good for their physical and mental wellbeing. That said, one also can’t ignore sports injuries. You are likely to get injured if you play a sport. However, they are not serious if you get treated right away.

Sometimes, there might just be some bruises and scratches, which are fine. They could affect the bone in some cases, and you should reach out to orthopedic services right away. Timely treatment of such injuries will ensure they are resolved right before they could become serious. Some students learn about the gravity of an injury after months. 


High school students are very conscious about their self-image. More often than not, they don’t have a very good image of themselves. They feel like they lack beauty, fitness, or smartness, which could push them into depression. Besides, other high school students are not very helpful in changing that perception. They can be rude and blunt without considering the feelings of other people, and most often, it’s because they are trying to cover their own insecurities. Make sure you teach your children to be confident and to accept themselves as they are.

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