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Finding the Right Type of Men’s Underwear

by Rajdeep Basu

Finding the right type of men’s underwear that suits your body type can get quite challenging. Men’s underwear differs in design and fabric type. Since there is a wide variety available, it is hard for men to decide which type of underwear is ideal for them. If you’re looking for luxury and comfort, Smuggs Australia has the best collection of bamboo underwear for men.

Common Types of Men’s Underwear

It is essential to go through the common types to find the best underwear that suits your body type.


Briefs are one of the most worn types of underwear by men, owing to the support it provides. However, a lot of men find briefs uncomfortable and can find a more suitable type for themselves than briefs.

If you buy your briefs cheaply, it is probably the worst decision ever. Cheap briefs are uncomfortable and tight and can apply great pressure on your groin. Wearing such tight underwear throughout the day will make you unnecessarily irritable. However, if you are used to wearing briefs and don’t want to change, it is best to go for a quality underwear brand.

Boxer Briefs

It is fair to say that Boxer briefs are the most popular type of men’s underwear. It is because they provide the support of briefs but tone it down with additional comfort. It is best to wear boxer briefs on days when you are required to move about a lot, especially during workout days. 

The advantage of boxer briefs is that they are lengthier than briefs. This means you can get extra coverage extending up to your thighs. If you are constantly annoyed by briefs because it tends to bunch up due to their short length, you can try out boxer briefs instead.

One thing to keep in mind while purchasing boxer briefs is the quality of the underwear brand. Quality fabric will ensure comfort and support, which is impossible to get out of cheap boxer briefs.


Trunks are a blend of briefs and boxer briefs. This means that trunks will provide the same support, but they are longer than briefs and shorter than boxer briefs. In fact, you can consider trunks to be relatively shorter boxer briefs with less thigh coverage.

If you have muscular thighs, it is best to go for trunks. Trunks will allow you to show off your thighs, at the same time providing all the necessary support you need. In addition, if you wear loose, soft pants, such as slacks, you can avoid showing the outline of your underwear if you choose to wear trunks.

Trunks sound perfect for most men; however, for men with bulkier thighs, wearing trunks can be a challenge. It is because of the reduced thigh coverage. If you have heavy thighs and you move about or sit down, there is a possibility of your trunks bunching up and causing discomfort. For men with such a body type, it is best to go for long boxer briefs for extra thigh coverage.


Boxers are the best type of underwear if you are planning to stay at home and chill. They are comfortable and breathable. This also means boxers do not provide any support at all. 

Wearing boxers to the gym or just about anywhere in public is probably not the best choice. You will end up feeling uncomfortable and crave a little bit of support. Thus, while boxers are perfect for lounging, they aren’t the best for outdoor use.

Again, for additional luxury and comfort, make sure you purchase premium quality boxers and not cheap ones. If you want to enjoy lounging truly, only quality brand underwear can provide you with the required relaxation.

Final Words

Choosing the right pair of men’s underwear is essential to ensure maximum comfort and support. It is ideal to study the common types and purchase underwear that not only suits your body type but is also ideal for the occasion. In that case, it is best to buy different types of underwear, so you have the right type to wear to the gym and the right type if you decide to stay at home and lounge all day.

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