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What is Better Used or Refurbished Network Equipment?

by Rajdeep Basu

People usually prefer to buy brand new and latest models when buying most things. The same is the case with networking material. You might want to buy reliable and efficient equipment. However, you do not need to buy new equipment to do so. You can get equipment that meets your needs at a much lower price than brand new ones. You can achieve this by purchasing refurbished network equipment. You can get refurbished equipment from many stores, even online like Northland.

Difference Between Used and Refurbished Equipment

Many people may mistake refurbished equipment for used equipment. However, there exists a difference between them. All refurbished equipment is used, but not all used equipment is refurbished. Refurbished is the type of used equipment that has undergone rigorous cleaning, testing, and repair. Thus, refurbished equipment is not just any used material. It is properly checked and approved if it can be efficiently used again or not.

Buying New Network Equipment

Buying new network equipment gives you the benefits of getting the latest features and long-term reliability of the material. When you buy the best of the current time, it runs longer than an older, used product. In addition to this, the newer models are sold at a better price later on when you want to upgrade your equipment. Thus, buying new network equipment allows you to invest in the future. The new equipment also comes with a better warranty than most refurbished equipment—however, some refurbished materials have the same warranty as the new ones.

Buying Refurbished Equipment

Buying refurbished equipment provides several benefits. One of the few drawbacks is that you will not be getting the latest technology. This does not amount to much as you can get equipment that is just one generation behind the latest model. Hence, there is not much difference in the technology of new and refurbished equipment but refurbished provides a lot more benefits.

Less Costly

IT and networking equipment are usually extremely expensive. It is wise to save money and spend it on refurbished equipment rather than buying new equipment. As mentioned previously, new equipment may have the latest technology and features, but the refurbished does not lag behind a lot either. It can still meet your technological needs and work efficiently at a much lower price than the brand-new equipment. Hence, the refurbished equipment can provide equally excellent services at half or even less than half of the price of new equipment.

Quality Products Never Dead on Arrival

New equipment may be dead on arrival. This occurs due to production defects. Even brand-new equipment may not work due to these defects. The company surely replaces such equipment, but it takes time to complain about the equipment, return it, and get a new one. Many important projects, which depend on that equipment, get delayed during this long process. In comparison, you will never get to face such a problem in the case of refurbished material. This is because refurbished equipment is thoroughly tested, inspected, repaired, and then approved if it can be used efficiently or not. 

Lower Learning Curve

Refurbished equipment has a lower learning curve as they do not have the latest, brand-new technology and features. Thus, known hardware and features are easier to teach people and train them regarding the equipment accordingly. This also reduces the chances of mistakes caused by the IT department.

Availability of Parts

You can easily get the parts of the refurbished material replaced as they are readily available. If new equipment gets damaged, it is difficult to repair it as no parts are available to replace the damaged ones.


New and refurbished equipment both have their pros and cons. However, the benefits of refurbished equipment outweigh those of new equipment if the refurbished equipment meets your needs. If you are working on a project that needs the latest technological features, and the refurbished equipment does not meet your needs, it is better to buy new equipment.

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