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Does Phuket Have The Best Realistic Tattoo Designs

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Patong Beach Is a Great Place To Get Inked in Asia

Tattoos in Patong Beach are very popular because they specialize in a variety of tattoo designs, and styles that are high quality. Choosing the best tattoo studios could be a bit of a task because there are dozens of amazing tattoo studios that are spread all throughout the city. Here are some popular high quality tattoo studios that have great reviews if you want to get a Tattoo in Phuket.

Thailand Artists Are Highly Experienced in Great Styles

The manager of the Golden Needle Tattoo has over 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry, and all employees are trained and equipped with electric tattoo machines. Known for the great quality of service, imported ink, and the latest tattoo equipment, UFC/MMA fighters have gotten tattoos made here. The pricing will depend on design, style, and the experience of the artist.

Old Man Tattoos

This tattoo shop started back in 1997 and is one of the most popular, successful running shops on the island. Known for the high quality of work, cleanliness,and professionalism, people highly recommend this tattoo shop. Old Man Tattoos specializes in a big variety of designs such as tribal tattoos, japanese/oriental, black and gray, color, and Thai bamboo which draws in different clientele. 

Celebrity Ink Studio

This shop started in just a small studio and since then has become one of the biggest tattoo brands in the world. Since then this shop takes pride in delivering safe, custom unique, high quality body art for reasonable prices. Proudly known for its licensed and highly qualified artists, they make it their priority that their clients will leave the shop satisfied. Some of their services include geometric, script, traditional portraits, tribal, watercolor, oriential, and much more. After your session is done you will be given products that will guide you for a healthy post body healing without any possible infection.


Seed Tattoo Patong

Run by a manager with over 15 years of experience, Seed Tattoo Patong has become 1 of the best tattoo brands on the island. This shop is a premier destination for tattoos. WIth high quality and specialized variety of tattoo designs. Not only are the manager and employees experts in Thai tattoo design, but also American/Japanese styles and design. This shop makes sure all of the equipment is sterile, equipped with the newest equipment, and quality inks that match the international standard of hygiene required for a tattoo studio.


Pitbull Tattoo Phuket

The name itself is already a cool unique name. This shop was launched in 2013 by two brothers who are tattoo enthusiasts; their passions lead them to the opening of their tattoo and piercing studio. To make sure their shop is successful and customers are happy and receiving the best service possible, they both manage and oversee the shop. They have some of the most skilled tattooists who are licensed to use modern machines, traditional bamboo techniques to create a variety of designs and styles. Just a few of the designs and styles they offer are Polynesian tattoos, tribal tattoos, Mandela tattoos, black and gray, and plenty more.

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