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Boxing 101 Guide – Let’s Discuss All Types of Boxing Gloves

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Types of Boxing Gloves

Just starting in boxing as a beginner and don’t know how to decode all the marketing jargon? Whether you are just starting or have been into a specific training routine for a while, you must have seen that not every type of boxing gloves is the same. 

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The interesting part is that gloves have even more diverse variations than one would expect, and different boxing gloves have specific uses. 

Boxing Gloves

Why do you need gloves at all? Well, to be precise, gloves ensure your’ and your opponent’ or partners safety. The gloves are fantastic tools that offer comprehensive and collective protection. 

Our experts highly recommend you get gloves made from quality materials to ensure your comfort and safety better. And with the boxing gloves price factors in mind, you will need to invest in gloves that will last you a while. Still, which type of gloves will you be needing? 

Types of Boxing Gloves

Below is a brief explanation about the most popular glove types; grab a cup of coffee, and here we go: 

Bag and Training Gloves 

More often than not, most brands advertise the normal boxing gloves for training gloves or the bag gloves*. 

These variants are mostly all-around gloves. Occasionally, these variants target pad or bag work, still these are normally quite versatile and can be used in most types of training. 

For most of your versatile training routines, you will be using a pair of these gloves. It is important to remember that not every general-purpose glove will be labeled as training gloves, mostly just boxing gloves. 

*Note: Modern bag gloves – or the Super bag gloves – and traditional bag gloves are different from each other. Also, we advise you to stay away from the traditional style training gloves as they do not offer the protection and support of the modern variants. 

Sparring Gloves 

No boxing equipment is complete without a set of dedicated sparring gloves. For sparring, the primary purpose of the gloves is to protect you and your sparring partner and try not to knock them out. Ideally, you should be able to use any type of glove for sparring – granted if they are of the appropriate weight. Still, some manufacturers and brands offer specific sparring gloves, which are designed for sparring specifically. 

As a rule of thumb, sparring gloves are much like training gloves, but the padding is a bit soft or cushioned with better distribution, making the impact less piercing. 

Sparring gloves are offered in different weights, but we recommend that you use at least 14 ounces or above; always choose according to your body weight. 

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What else? Give your coach’s decision the top priority when it comes to choosing a specific glove for sparring. Your trainer/coach has a lifetime of experience and will know more than you. So if your trainer or coach believes that your gloves are not of the appropriate type, weight, unsafe or incompatible, then you must take their advice seriously. 

Additionally, we recommend checking in with your gym, too, in regards to the weight of your gloves. The gym will have a word or two of advice on what weight you should be used to spar with and what type you should go for. 

Mostly is about common sense; consider this; if you are a bulkier guy and trying to pass a pair of worn-out or second-hand 14oz variants, well, in such a case, you should know better. 

Amateur Competition Gloves

You won’t probably ever need to buy a pair of amateur competition gloves, but one should know what they do and what they are. Amateur competitions mostly use a particular type of gloves; usually, these are provided to the fighters by the promoting authority. 

These variants are usually colored blue or red, following the fighter’s corner. Usually, the knuckle area of these gloves is also highlighted. Making the scoring of the fights easier for the judges. 

Buy Boxing Gloves

The popular types of gloves such as; sparring gloves, Boxing gloves, and bag/training gloves are different from each other and serve many different purposes with their uses. In some scenarios, the gloves can be swapped. Still, we suggest buying separate gloves for each specific activity. 

Doing so will add to the life of your gloves and provide you with targeted protection and performance. 


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