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Different Types of Phone Covers to Protect your Phone

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Know more about your phone case. 

There are many types of phone covers available in the market. We fancy about new mobile phones available in the market. Like me, many users desire newly launched smartphones. Saving money and buying a new phone are many dreams. After buying a new smartphone, the next what we do is cover it up. Just taking care doesn’t mean your phone is safe from scratches and falls. A rugged durable case is the best phone protector. If you wish to have some elegant, trendy pieces go for bracelet mobile covers, smiley covers, mirror covers, wallet covers, and metal body covers. After putting on phone cases, get a screen guard to protect your screen. 

This article enlightens you about the different types of phone covers available in the market. How these covers can protect your phone? To what extent are these phone cases are reliable? How to take care of your premium mobiles? There are many features offered by different covers. Every phone case has its advantages and disadvantages. 

There are many kinds of phone covers available online. 

Wallet covers, flip covers, silicone covers, TPU covers, carbon fiber covers, rugged covers, etc. Are trending these days. The mobile cover business is profitable in India because people keep at least 2 phones and protect them with covers.

Silicone covers: Silicone covers offer superior drop protection. It is less in weight, stylish and flexible. It has a good grip and is perfect for sweaty hands. Also. Silicone mobile covers are the best choice for transparent cases to pristine the look of their smartphone. These protect the phone from scratches, damage, and accidental falls. You should not use these if your phone has a glass back because if the phone falls from corners it will break the glass.

It comes in the range of 100 to 2000INR depending upon the brand and quality. These are easy to install and remove. It is tough to get customized silicone covers. However, you may get one online. Silicone tends to fade with time. It turns yellowish after some time which is hard to clean. You have to change it from time to time. Despite this, there is no other drawback. You get these covers in the box of many brands like Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Redmi, etc.

Hard Plastic Covers: These covers are generally used for covers customization. It is available in a variety of designs and color options. Mobile manufacturers use these hard plastics for mobile cover making because graphics are easy to print on such material. It looks fashionable. In terms of mobile protection, it is a little brittle. 

You can customize it according to your taste. It comes in various colors and patterns. These are customizable and you get them abundantly at roadside stalls and stores. 

Durable Rugged Covers: These covers are made from heavy rubber and provide full protection. It mainly comes in black and army green color. These are the most expensive of all and a little bulky too. Earlier people didn’t find it appealing but now it comes with an extra grip for better hold. Silicone and hard plastic are no match for it. The rubber used in military products is reliable. It is available in various sizes and shapes. It protects mobiles from accidental falls, still, you have to protect your screen with tempered glass. If your phone falls from the screen side, this cover might not do the job alone.

Flip Covers: These covers are made of synthetic leather, real leather, or a combination of hard plastic and silicone. It covers mobile from 360*. Even if you don’t have tempered glass and the mobile falls when the flip cover is closed there are fewer chances of damage. The screen will be damaged if the flip cover is open. It is always advised to put on a screen cover. It is available in many designs and color options too. It ranges between 200 to 1000INR depending upon the type and material. A transparent flap or an opaque flap is available. You can pick as per your demand. It maintains the privacy of your mobile and security from every angle. 

Customized Plastic Covers: You will get in abundant options. These are fully customizable and you can personalize them with photos, names, initials, prints, or anything that you like. It ranges from 300 to 2000INR. It protects your mobile from scratches, drops, or dust. It provides a great grip that lessens falls. It is made of hard plastic that may break if it falls. You need to buy them online only. It is not available in offline stores easily. They are not flexible but look very nice.


Now you know what you want. We recommend you buy a rugged mobile cover for maximum protection. If you are a stylish person silicone or hard plastic covers do the job for you. It’s important to protect your phone with phone accessories such as a phone case and screen protector. I hope you liked the article.

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