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Different Types Of Gifts With Flowers Being The Common Thing

by Rajdeep Basu
Gifts With Flowers

Gifting is an art that one needs to keep learning! Today’s chapter on gifting is about combining a gift of nature with the tokens that we present as gifts. 

Flowers have been making humans happy always, and they keep on doing so because of their eternal beauty and quintessential magic. We have gathered some gift ideas coupled along with flowers for you to stay remembered for long. And we keep things real which means every gift has the inclusion of real flowers. 

Arrangement Of Flowers – If the gifts that we are discussing today include flowers, then there is nothing better than an arrangement of flowers to start with. There are many different types of flower arrangements to choose from. You can make your gifting move with a bouquet, a basket of flowers, flowers arranged in lovely boxes, and flowers in glass vases. These arrangements will surely be welcomed by the receiver with an open heart and they will also make the receiver’s place more beautiful for a few days. From online florists, you can easily bloom to your loved ones through online flower delivery in Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai, or wherever they live. 

A Flowering Plant – How about giving something that can grow more and more flowers for your dear ones? Instead of gifting flowers alone, you can choose to make the person smile by presenting a flowering plant as a gift. The only trick to keep in mind here is to pick a flowering plant that can survive well in the atmosphere of the receiver’s den. Apart from adding colourful beauty with natural greens to the indoors, a flowering plant will also purify the air.

A Flower Cake – From birthdays to anniversaries and all other celebratory occasions, cakes help the best in making moments sweetly memorable. You can make your gifting gesture bloomingly sweet if you choose to make the person smile with a gift of cake. No, we are not suggesting you stuff the cake batter with crushed petals (which is such a good idea though). The art of adding flowers to a cake gift lies in the decoration of the cake. Ask the baker to decorate the cake with some fresh and real flowers which can be consumed by humans. The touch of the blooming flowers can uplift the aura of the cake.

Tiara – Not all people think out of the box before they choose the gift for their loved ones. But as we are here to help you out, we have another unique option for you that includes the beauty of the flowers. The only restriction is that you can gift it to the female only. Well, we are talking about a Tiara. You can easily find metal and plastic tiaras in the market, but nothing can match the feel and aura of a tiara made using real flowers. For males, you can get a king crown made using flowers by an experienced florist.

Fossilized Flower Pendant – Both men and women love jewelry as it adds some glam and class to the personality. You can choose to surprise your favourite person with a jewelry item that includes all the beauty of magical flowers instead of expensive gold and silver. You can pick a gift of a fossilized flower pendant. The real flower petals are plucked and reserved using some chemical and then put into a mold along with liquid that turns hard after some time. So, if you have been thinking of gifting a jewelry piece but drop the plan every time because of the budget, you can make the move now.

Attar: Real Flower Perfume – Mostly everyone we know uses deodorants or perfumes to stay fresh and fragrant throughout the day. And we do flower-flavoured perfumes in the market. But they all just have a bit of essence or extracts of the mentioned flower. How about gifting Attar to your dear ones? Attar is made using hundreds of years old techniques of making fragrant liquid using real flowers. Yet again, Attar is a gift idea that the receiver has never thought of and will be astounded by your thoughtful gesture.

Keep the flowers by your side to stay amazing!

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