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Chattanooga Podiatry CR Systems For the Fully Functional

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In the past, film X-ray equipment was used in Chattanooga Podiatry, but now many Chattanooga Podiatry departments and clinics are switching to digital Chattanooga Podiatry X-rays. As technology prices fall, practitioners are finding that digital X-ray systems for Chattanooga Podiatry are more affordable than ever. By using digital medical images, podiatrists can also increase efficiency and provide better patient care at a lower cost.

In the past, digital X-ray machines and PACS systems were only available to large hospitals.

As the price of all computer technology has come down, this has had a positive impact on the price of digital x-ray equipment and software.

Chattanooga Podiatry departments have a wide variety of excellent digital x-ray imaging equipment available. The choices range from CR to DR systems for Chattanooga Podiatry, and each has its own advantages. CR systems are the least expensive of the two systems.

CR produces superior digital medical images and is often used in mobile teleradiology when radiologists visit their patients in nursing homes, sports stadiums and other outdoor venues. CR can also be used to upgrade existing film radiology equipment to provide a cost-effective upgrade. DR imaging systems, on the other hand, are initially more expensive than CR. However, they can produce higher resolution digital medical images than CR systems. DR is also used in mobile digital imaging.

To maximize the benefits of digital radiography, many Chattanooga Podiatry clinics are also investing in PACS for Chattanooga Podiatry.

Chattanooga Podiatry PACS allows busy medical practices to archive and distribute digital medical images in dicom digital imaging format. Given the many costs associated with storing, retrieving and distributing film images, it makes sense to switch to a cost-effective and efficient PACS system.

A digital PACS system also helps ensure your Chattanooga Podiatry department is HIPPA compliant.

All physicians and staff who are authorized to access the PACS system should log in with a username and password, and an administrator can easily and quickly maintain this capability to maintain patient confidentiality. Patient medical records also need to be stored in a secure location so that searching for them in the event of a disaster does not jeopardize the improvement of patient care, and with a digital PACS system, this task is also easily accomplished.

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